1. says

    I remember this when it was a movie Wim Wenders directed called Until The End Of The World. It had harrowing consequences where the characters just slept all day and then stayed up all night watching their dreams and basically stopped functioning. It became a drug. Fun! Bring it on. ps Amazing soundtrack.

  2. John says

    I’ve “dreamed” of a technology like this for many years… I find dreams fascinating, yet rarely can remember very much about them. What a great way to gain insight into your soul.
    Sign me up!

  3. johnny says

    Well…. that’s a stretch. We might get images of brain activity, but hardly the ability to pinpoint what each of those images means in terms of contextual meaning or even who or what was in the dream or the plot of the dream – if there was one.

    Agree with my2cents, with an addendum:

    Dreaming + Dream Journaling = lucid dreaming + further Dream Journaling = eventual control of dreams.

    I did this for months in the 90s and not only did my dreams become more “real” and lucid, I had a large degree of control over the plot and fast escapes from potential nightmares.