1. Caliban says

    Ever since I read the comment that Robert Pattinson looks like a giant toe (as in those things at the end of your feet) I’ve been unable to see him as anything else.

    Couple him with Kristen Stewart, who couldn’t demonstrate emotion, much less OPEN HER EYES if you threatened her with a cattle prod, and you get the least interesting celebrity couple ever. It makes you nostalgic for Joanie and Chachi and that’s the Egyptian plague no one talks about!

  2. Boibruce says

    Why would a perfume or cologne company pick a celebrity who is infamous for never wearing deodorant of any kind and having notoriously pungent body odour as a poster boy? I’m all for men who embrace their natural scent and have no disrespect for RP but it seems a ridiculous choice. You might as well pick honey boo boo as the poster child for a ladies finishing school. Do you think that no one just did any research? Same goes for Brad Pitt, he never wears deodorant and, fro experience meeting him in person its very noticeable yet perfume companies have used him in adverts? What idiots. Good on the boys for taking the chumps money though. It’s all good exposure for the actors but it makes the perfume companies look like amateurs.

  3. Sam says

    Robert Pattinson has quashed rumours that he is not particularly hygienic, reassuring fans that he does indeed shower.

    ‘I haven’t even been on the set yet,’ he told, when told that sources from the set of Twilight sequel New Moon, had labelled the British actor ‘stinky’.

    ‘I also do shower,’ he added, before joking that he regularly reads his negative press.

  4. Boibruce says

    Robert pat does smell strongly but not because he doesn’t shower. He just doesn’t use deodorant. After a long day under the stage lights I’d imagine he gets pretty funky but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t shower. You may not like someone’s body odour but being smelly has nothing to do with being unhygienic. Antiperspirant is actually very unhygienic, causing abscesses in extreme cases but they block your pores and cause stale build up of bacteria and oils and pus under the skin and create real health problems the longer you use them in most people if you don’t take a break from using them or stop use altogether, yet people don’t seem to criticise its use, whereas going without deodorant gets bad press because its more outwardly noticeable but is not unhygienic in any way, just sometimes a bit pungent but the two are not the same thing. Mind you, maybe RP does skip showers too, who knows, but just wanted to say…

  5. FakeOutrage says

    Walking around with body odor is disgusting and yes, unhygenic. Stop making excuses for people’s lack of home training. If you don’t want to use deodorant, brush your teeth or wipe after using the toilet then, by all means, DON’T. Just be honest with how gross it is.

  6. Scott Foval says

    So what, throw him in the shower…it’s not like most gay bois on here wouldn’t do him anyway. They would. So what if he doesn’t wear deoderant or anti-perspirant. Just push him into the pool and have your way with him. LOL.

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