Dominican Republic Evangelicals ‘Insulted’ by Nomination of Gay Man as U.S. Ambassador

The Evangelical community in Dominican Republic is raising objections about Obama's nomination of James "Wally" Brewster as U.S. ambassador to the nation because Brewster is openly gay, the AP reports:

BrewsterRev. Cristobal Cardozo, leader of the Dominican Evangelical Fraternity, said he worried about the message that Brewster’s presence might send.

“It’s an insult to good Dominican customs,” he said.

Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez, president of the Conference of the Dominican Episcopate, echoed similar sentiments.

“You can expect anything from the U.S.,” said Lopez, who is also the archbishop of Santo Domingo.
Meanwhile, Vicar Pablo Cedano criticized the nomination as “a lack of respect, of consideration, that they send us that kind of person as ambassador.”

“If he arrives, he’ll suffer and will be forced to leave,” Cedano warned, without elaborating.

LGBT groups in the nation have voiced their disagreement with the religious leaders.


  1. Ninong says

    His Eminence Cardinal Lopez should stick to his chosen line of work and keep his nose out of politics. It’s amazing that religious figures think it’s their business to insult the representatives of foreign countries but they’re the first ones to scream bloody murder if anyone points out just how ridiculous they really are.

  2. Joe says

    His Unholiness Cardinal Lopez should STFU. And stay away from the American embassy, it’s none of your business.

  3. jamal49 says

    This infuriates me. I’ve been waiting for the Dominican backlash to begin. Evangelicals have royally f*cked up the Dominican Republic and have done nothing but exploit and use long-suffering Dominicans in order to gain political power. Cardenal Lopez is a flaming @$$hole and is about as despised an individual as there is in Santo Domingo. Lopez is up to his neck in drug-money and corruption. He lives like some pompous potentate and is not ashamed to live lavishly while the Dominicans suffer in poverty. He proudly brandishes a gun that carries with him “for protection”.

    President Danilo Medina thus far has walked a tight-rope between the virulently anti-gay Lopez and the even more virulently anti-gay evangelical leaders who constantly look for situations to provoke political crises in order to embarrass Mr. Medina. Dominican Republic has an epidemic of violence against women, some resulting in horrific deaths. The Cardenal has done nothing to denounce this violence and actively lobbied against a law giving women the right to bring criminal charges against husbands who abuse them because “the state has no business interfering in private family affairs”.

    I do not take the ominous threat by the child-molester Cedano lightly. I will not put it past the Catholic hierarchy or the evangelicals to call in some favor chips with the vicious drug gangs that terrorize Santo Domingo and it environs and have Mr. Brewster either physically harmed or even assassinated.

    I love my Dominican friends and family but some Dominicans are virulently anti-gay and will not hesitate to cause damage.

    Most certainly, both prominent and powerful religious groups will demand that President Medina not recognize the credentials of Mr. Brewster and thus precipitate a diplomatic scandal.

  4. DoubleStandard says

    Is this worth mentioning on a “Gay” site?
    Anderson Cooper: ‘Why Does Alec Baldwin Get a Pass Using Gay Slurs?’ Twitter.

  5. Mike Ryan says

    *DoubleStandard: Yes. Why wouldn’t it be worth mentioning? It is very gay related. Now I know to bypass anything Alec Baldwin is involved in or with.

    As for the Dominion Republic EVANGELICALS – how DARE you claim to be insulted by America’s proposed Ambassador. It is the other way around. Americans are insulted by the Evangelicals of the Dominion Republic for being outright bigots. I’m calling for a full boycott – all funding, government subsidies and American (also WorldWide) tourism.

  6. alex says

    Mike Ryan: Are you really boycotting an entire country based on the opinion of tiny number of homophobic “leaders” who have a little power? If that’s the case, you must favor a tourism boycott of the United States. Our situation isn’t all that different.

  7. Joe in Ct says

    Frankly, I think it’s highly insulting to gays to have one of our own appointed ambassador to such a sadly backwater place. Why would we even want to have an ambassador there? Pull the plug on it.

  8. Joe in Ct says

    Alex, there’s not much to boycott there. But, I have to agree with you that if we boycott every place populated by bigots, there are plenty of opportunities right here at home.

  9. Brian G says

    This sounds as though a dangerous and immediate threat to a US ambassador I hope the state department takes this seriously and any GOP congressmen who doesn’t is a hypocrite as this could be analogous to Benghazi

  10. Kev C says

    The main customs of DR are wife-beating, drug-dealing, gay-bashing and dog-fighting. I learned that from watching Santa Domingo Invita:

    Won’t you come to Santa Domingo? Everyone is so gay. Life is gay, everyone is happy, homosexuality has been eradicated. Here are some parrots.

  11. Pete N SFO says

    Insulted? I’m sure their level of insult is in direct proportion to their bigotry; religious or otherwise.

    Felicitaciones, pendejos.

  12. plaintom says

    In order to avoid another Benghazi, President Obama should perform a surgical strike against the leadership of this terrorist organization which is making threats against the American Ambassador. :)

  13. RMc says

    P.S. Attack our ambassador and that will be an act of war. The D.R. can easily be made into a parking lot, terrorists.

  14. Douglas says

    Let them object. Nancy Pelosi’s recent succinct question–“Who cares?”–is going to get a lot of mileage in the coming days, including in this instance.

  15. Reality says

    Sounds like you queens are the “insulted” ones. Countries aren’t like hotels–you only stay in the best ones. Frankly the fact that a country such as this would reject us say a lot about our standards. You may call them backwards thinking, but our “backside” thinking is difficult to defend.

  16. woody says

    cardinal lopez is probably the cardinal who uses the most slurs against gay people. he calls us “maricons,” which is like saying faggot in dominican spanish.
    this appointment is good for the dominican lgbt community. it adds a lot of legitimacy. thank you, potus.

  17. woody says

    the dr, btw, is a totally fun country if you don’t mind roughing it a bit as it is a poor country. it’s heavily forested and the nauture is great. the people are lively. the cafes and cigars are fun. the old town of santo doningo, the zona colonial, is very historic. this is the oldest european city in the americas. older than quebec city, santa fe or the europeanized mexico city. the decaying architecuter is seriously interesting.

  18. terry says

    certain Nationalists in many countries would rather we not appoint Black or Jewish ambassadors also but we ignore them and so it should be with Dominican evangelicals.

  19. Randal Oulton says

    They should be insulted about how *dirty* their money is; it’s literally so encrusted with dirt you don’t want to touch it.

  20. mike/ says

    there is all this talk about “Dominican evangelicals” in the thread but all are loosing sight of the fact that these ‘evangelicals & fundamentalists’ are an export from the U.S.! they have been mining 3rd world countries for quite a time. they realize that less educated people are much easier to indoctrinate and control with visions of ‘we can make your life better – after you die’ while not doing much for them while they are alive.

    working in Honduras i’ve seen not only how they have foisted their agenda on Hondureaños but also on the Catholic church. i went to a wedding a few years ago & was in shock to see how the RC there (& in other Central American countries) had adopted a lot of the behaviors of fundamentalist services as a way of fighting off loss of parishioners.

    another incident of ‘exporting’ fundamentalist beliefs is Uganda. they have had a direct influence on that country as the fight continues in outlawing lgbtq.

    while we worry about Islamist jihad, the U.S. fundamentalists have been bringing their own ‘jihad’ to the rest of the world. sorry, they call it a ‘mission’….

  21. ratbastard says

    “Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.”

    As true today as it was in Diderot’s time.

  22. RexT says

    Simply astounding to hear more Christians who for some reason, consider themselves living on our Shared Planet, somehow elevated to a Superior Position granting them the Right To Condemn and Attack those who have not Chosen to live within Their Belief. Hatred continues to be the base emotional standard for so many of this faith, somehow they’ve created an internal system elevating them all the way up and with wings in place, they’re actual living gods! Threatening the lives of others is becoming quite common out of those dressed in their flowing Frocks as they march with their fellow Thugs.

  23. jamal49 says

    @woody: thanks for the positive spin of my beautiful DR. I think some people here need to review the very long, troubling and co-dependent history of the US and DR. The US has invaded three times and occupied three times. The US has interfered in DR’s internal politics for its own ends. The US mostly ignored the brutality of the Trujillo regime which still casts “una mancha negra” (a black stain) on the country’s psychology.

    Since the late 1990s, American evangelicals (including 1st generation Dominicans who carry dual-citizenship) have been proselytizing in the DR and have royally f*cked up the country. The Catholic Church and that despicable Cardenal have also been mucking up the country. Religion is the opium of the masses in DR. When you’ve got a hungry belly and not much to fill it with, you numb the pain with the drug of religion.

    Much of the corruption in civil and political society in DR is from the drug trade, mostly cocaine. The DR/Haiti (Hispaniola proper) is a transit point for cocaine trafficking from SA to Europe and, of course, the US.

    Homophobia and misogyny are very real societal ills in DR, exacerbated by the “macho” culture that still exists there. DR has one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the western hemisphere, largely brought about by Catholic Church and evangelicals political influence. The Cardenal has been vociferous in his homophobic statements and sometimes I want to grab that man and kick his @$$ to the ground.

    Regardless, most Dominicans just want a decent job, decent housing, decent health-care–most of which is restricted to the very rich, that one percent who controls all the wealth of the country. Dominicans are mostly WONDERFUL people, sweet, kind, respectful, friendly and I tell you, once you have a Dominican as a friend, that you have a friend for life who will die for you if necessary.