1. MIke says

    So you really think the IRS thing is a finger-wag quote scandal unquote finger-wag.

    Keep deluding yourself. Fascism in your fcking face and you can’t see it because well it’s just the other side going through (finger wag) these things (finger wag)

    But it’s all nothing which is why the White House is working overtime to make sure it doesn’t trace to them.

  2. Gigi says

    Translation: “We couldn’t raise as much money as we wanted to…so it’s the fault of The Gays of course.”

  3. Gigi says

    Look at Thomas Peters nodding and bobbing behind Eastman. I’m surprised he was in the bathroom with his cordless drill installing a new gloryhole.

  4. One of the CA 36,000 says

    @Mike: The White House isn’t even breaking a sweat over this. I characterize this Amateur Hour witch hunt as a tempest in a shot glass.

    — Frankly, the IRS was DOING ITS JOB. These “tea party” organizations ARE fronts for political activists. NOM, too. NOM, especially. I WANT these grifters and fanatics checked out. They should never have been granted status as 501(c)(4) orgs.

    — Darrell Issa is probably the single most ineffective, inept, dishonest congressman to ever abandon the car he stole to run for Congress. Once Michelle Bachmann is out of the House, he’ll have the title of Biggest Idiot in Congress locked up. He couldn’t uncover cow sh!t in a dairy pasture.

    With Republipigs still passing legislation to defund ACORN (which doesn’t even exist any more), just to make a point that they hate liberal political action groups, I’d say that Fascism is coming from the right side of the political spectrum.

  5. says

    we have to Come Out to claim our own lives and end the culture of bigotry.

    this ninny complains that, like, it’s TOTES HARD to be publicly bigoted because people will be mean to you.


  6. bructer says

    Be careful, don’t knock these investigations, if it were the other way around you would want them to find out what is going on. NOM is an evil org. no doubt, and so is Eastman but it is not all about NOM. It is not all about LGBT rights. The Repubs, could regain power in the IRS one day and it could easily target our org’s. And do great damage. We need to stop this now.

  7. Caliban says

    What IS the “Tea Party”? It’s a POLITICAL fvcking entity, that’s the entire point behind it! It’s complete and utter bvllshit that they tried to pass themselves off as “social welfare” organizations to get tax breaks. You perform political activities you pay the taxes that have been levied on such organizations. If you don’t think those taxes are fair then you gather all your “grass-roots” members (AKA the Koch brothers and similar underwriters) to lobby to change the tax code.

  8. HadenoughBS says

    Issa, his GOPer cohorts and their extremist right wing “witnesses” at today’s IRS hearing is a f*cking joke. Issa is a man-possessed by hatred of Obama and the Democratic establishment. He and his minions will stop at nothing as they probe to find each and every Democratic conspiracy possible – even if they have to make them up and then lie about them (usually on Faux Noise before they even get into the hearing room).

    The Congressional GOP has become one big dysfunctional clusterf*ck with Speaker Boehner not able to hold his ignorant caucus together to RUN THE DAMN COUNTRY. This Issa hearing (and the other minor IRS House hearings) are but a symptom of the enormous mess the GOP has created for the US of A. With the upcoming immigration debate possibly falling apart and the debt ceiling not being raised – all thanks to the GOPers – we’re going to be a real world of hurt. You think the sequester is bad (and getting worse as it works its way through the economy)? Well, you ain’t seen nuttin’ yet!

  9. e.c. says

    Issa has never gotten over the fact that he spent millions of his own money to get Grey Davis recalled as Gov of Califorina thinking he was gonna buy the job only to have Arnold waltz in and snatch it away from him. He’s a nasty, petty man who’s only interest is getting his name in the news.

  10. disgusted american says

    I bet that a minute doesnt go by the president obama wishes he hadnt taken the HIGH ROAD Now,and Give the GOP scum a Pass when he became president…no investigations,nadda…lets just move on….isnt that what you said Mr President?

  11. J. Alan says

    “Their business were boycotted.”

    “They were harassed and assaulted on the street.”

    “They were vandalized and their property.”

    “Our business and families are at risk.”

    What is astounding to me is that he simply does not understand that LGBT people deal with all those and more on a daily basis. If he actually lived up to his ideals he and his ilk would realize that when you throw stones at others, those same stones can be thrown back at you.

  12. says

    “They were harassed and assaulted on the street.”

    “They were vandalized and their property.”

    Were these incidents reported to the police?

    (crickets chirping)

  13. denizo says

    sounds like someone needs to figure out that Latin America is WAY ahead of the US on marriage equality, and most Latinos in Mexico and South America are just fine with it.

  14. Mike says

    This whole IRS scandal flat out does NOT exist! This expensive and time consuming “investigation” is just a most convenient excuse in the warped minds of the tea party and a few other Republicans twits. They are using it as a “red herring” and thus the perfect way to get the American people to focus on it and SOMEHOW hopefully by doing so, divert attention AWAY from their own abysmal ratings. ¿ Would like to have heard Representative Blumenauer’s SO CALLED “scurrilous” remarks. Earl Blumenauer? Are you kidding me! They were most likely spot on. (Apparently they were. Please read his comments in the Towleroad UPDATE on the original article.) In over a lifetime of public service both within and now representing Oregon, Blumenauer has deservedly earned the wide respect of a great many people unlike NOM’s John Eastman who is even now attacking the straws that he is grasping for in a deranged manner . . . (Oh, by the way, can anyone explain the significance of the green bycycle that Representative Blumenauer was wearing?)

  15. Bill says

    Well, I know about one “boycott” of a prop-8 supporter. A gay person I know changed dentists when he learned that his now-former dentist had donated money to the Yes-on-Eight campaign. Now, if you were a straight guy and you found out that your dentist was trying to sabotage your marriage plans, would you want that guy poking around inside your mouth with sharp instruments?

    It may surprise some, but people in general, regardless of sexual orientation, take a dim view of anyone trying to break their marriages. It’s kind of personal.

  16. Tom Cardellino says

    The comment by “e.c.” is the most pertinent thought expressed on this McCarthy-esque witch-hunt for “supposed” social welfare 501 (c) (4) ABSOLUTE sham fronts for Citizens United Floodgate billions of anonymous politically minded only donors to evade detection. It has been firmly established, however, that about a mere 134 Americans (let’s put aside the foreign contributions amounting to uncountable millions for the moment) forked over 60% or so of the entire Super PAC money. 134 people only, financially attempted a monetary coup of seizing the White House! Why in God’s name should they not be standing trial for treason, with the eventually possible verdict hanging by the neck or being afforded a firing squad? These “happenstance” Americans funneled through these sham 501 (c) (4) fronts, which were ultimately artificial legal fictions created solely so that the Ultra-Rich could dump their excess billions into the political races so as to keep the unwashed masses, such as the vast but dwindling Middle Class, as well as the constantly increasing ranks of abjectly impoverished Americans, in their “proper” subjugated place of receiving whatever crumbs fall from the fine linen covered tables of the American 1% who mostly comprise those who toady up to the American .05% for their “merely” million dollar per year pay off! Why in the world there are not anarchist bombs being thrown into Wall Street Bankers’ limousines, as they were in the 1920’s and 1930’s is a mystery to me. Wall Street and their well-paid lackey dogs on Capitol Hill have done more economic harm to this country than did the Nazi invasion of Western Europe. Yet, they are granted the prosecutorial “privilege” of merely paying small fractions of their ill-gotten gains in so-called “record” fines. How much in monetary fines would we have accepted from foreign adversaries like Japan, Germany, Italy, North Korea or, let’s say China for backing North Korea for re-invading the Korean peninsula with Chinese soldiers sacrificed like firewood, therein burnt by the 10’s of 1,000’s (stoked on opium) to repel the American defenders of the South Korean Democracy from the very borders of China’s mainland? What price is put on domestic financial treason today when it not only threatens the USA, but the entire free world’s economies? As Wall Street Bankers are driven home every working day to their mansions in Mamaroneck, Darien or New Canaan, should they consider themselves arrogantly immune from interpersonal assault from their fellow American citizens who have been destroyed by them? Why?

  17. says

    He has some nerve complaining about people fighting back when he had the Californian government corner them “legally.” Once you single out people for having their privileges denied, you had to know this would come. This has happened so many times in the U.S. alone, not to mention elsewhere in the world throughout time, that the actions of the people is predictable!

  18. Hey Darlin' says

    There comes a point in mind pollution where they begin to believe only the sycophants they are around, these people feed off of each other and delude themselves into thinking they are above reproach. Then big surprise, there comes a time when others may question their intent or validity. We gay people deal with explaining ourselves daily, welcome to the club, they would do well to peep outside their insulated bunker occasionally.

  19. jamal49 says

    Of course, John Eastman provides no facts, no corroborative evidence or witnesses to support his scurrilous remarks that NOM and/or Prop 8 supporters were “harassed” or “intimidated”. Why? BECAUSE NONE OF IT HAPPENED! The man is a g*ddam liar who used anecdotal commentary supported by nothing but his own fetid imagination in his testimony before the Republican-controlled committee.

    See, everybody? This is the kind of government you get when Republicans are in control! Damn it! Vote the Republicans out in 2014 if you want sanity and progress returned to American government!

  20. Queer Supremacist says

    Everyone who was harassed for supporting Prop 8 got what they deserved. You breeder goyim try something like this again, you’ll get worse.

  21. mmike1969 says

    So a bigot/a$$hole get’s called out for their bigotry and ignorance… Yeah, so not giving a flying monkey f**k.