1. andrew says

    Congratulations to the couple and a thank you to Ellen, a champion of LGBT equality. Can’t wait to see how the FEW gay Ellen haters, who post comments on this site, spin this one.

  2. Peter says

    Congratulations to the happy couple! This moment shows Ellen can make people smile even when she’s not telling a joke.

  3. Gerry Mccartney says

    God Bless you both n thank for serving our Country.This is what makes America what it is today..I couldn’t be Prouder to be an American

  4. Mary says

    I was always an Ellen fan, even when I was anti-equality. She’a a class act, and the gay community is lucky to have her. And Ellen and Portia seem to compliment each other nicely. Wish I could have attended their wedding!

    Nice to read a positive story about someone HELPING a gay couple instead of excluding them from someplace or bashing one of them in the face.

  5. John says

    Kudos to Ellen for everything she does, including the way she normalizes gay relationships. I know that she plays an important part in changing attitudes.
    My suggestion to the couple – you can have a wonderful wedding without spending $20,000. My husband and I had a very special, intimate wedding with some close friends, for just about $200. That was five years ago, and we’re still thrilled that we did it that way. If I had 20 grand, I’d still do the $200 wedding, I’d donate a bunch to gay marriage organizations, and I’d sock the rest away. But, I would totally enjoy Fiji – perfect place for a honeymoon!

  6. Marc says

    This made my day! Something like this would never have happened a few years ago. We are living in some pretty amazing times, friends. Not only am I happy for this adorable couple, I’m happy for the state of America. Talk about progress…