1. ratbastard says

    51. By all accounts he was a great guy off-screen. Unfortunately he did have a cocaine abuse problem at some point and that does cause serious scarring to the heart and other damage. This could have played a role in his heart attack.


  2. QJ201 says

    It’s ridiculous that fans are swarming this poor private business…and crowding out the locals.

    FYI: it’s high school graduation day in Bloomfield, I guess the locals will have to “skip tradition” and NOT go to Holsteins after the ceremony because the place is filled up with looky-loos

  3. millerbeach says

    I still can’t believe this, especially in this day and age of statins, stints, and all kinds of other things used to prevent drop-dead heart attacks like this. It is so sad this happened, but I wonder if he was seeing his doctor regularly? I didn’t go to the doctor from my 20’s to my early 40’s…I just don’t get sick. I haven’t even had the flu since 2000. But boy, am I glad my mom nagged me into seeing a doctor…high cholesterol, overweight, and I smoked. The doc told me if I kept it up, I might not see 50 considering my family history. (Grandma died at 55, Uncle M. at 44, both of drop-dead heart attacks) I started taking statins, quit smoking, and dropped 50 lbs (not all at once) But it made a huge difference in the quality of my life. I had a hot, healthy body again, just like in my 20’s. If something positive comes out of this untimely and unfortunate death, let it be a wake-up call to any and all of us out there ignoring our health. Get those regular check-ups, get that blood work done. Do it before it’s too late. A co-worker of mine was struck down by a stroke. He is o.k. physically, but he cannot read…for some reason, the stroke left him unable to comprehend what is written on a page…incredibly frustrating and very sad. He was 49 when the stoke occurred. Sometimes, it is WORSE to survive a stroke and exist in a vegetative state for a decade or more, than it is to drop-dead from a stroke. Make that appointment this week. Do this before it is too late. RIP, James. You were a good man who left us way too soon.

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