1. Zeta says

    People on the sex registry can be fired/evicted (and not hired at all) even when their alleged targets are nowhere in the vicinity and won’t be anywhere in the vicinity.

    But to the matter at hand: gender identity/expression is to protect straight people who act stereotypically gay as well as transsexuals who are transitioning and transvestites (gay and straight), right?

    Is this bill this narrow for a reason?

    Why not cover atheists and goths, as well? (serious question; I assume the wearing of religious garb being the reason why someone is evicted or fired is already covered under religious discrimination)

  2. Devon says

    Trans activists attack gay and lesbian people. They oppose marriage equality. And they have transjacked the gay movement. Hope this bill fails again!

  3. Sully says

    Hey Devon! That seems like a fun game. Let me try… trans activists will eat your babies. They know the cure for cancer but won’t tell anyone. They orchestrated 9/11 and caused hurricane Sandy.

    Are you training to take over for Pat Robertson?

  4. Devon says

    Sorry Sully, but it’s no game and I am not making things up. Trans activists have attacked Dan Savage, throwing a heavy glass jar at his head. They stalk the Womyn’s Music Festival in MI and have threatened to burn it to the ground. They opposed marriage equality in MD as a way to punish gay families because they didn’t get their trans bathroom bill passed. They are horrible people, some of the most homophobic around. LGBs are waking up to the fact that Ts are not a variant of gay and don’t have our best interests at heart.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    Yes, Devon, you’re so right.

    I heard that the Trans activists were joining forces with the New Black Panther Party, the Aryan Nation, and reviving the Jewish Defense League. If they ever join forces with the Muslim Brotherhood…well. our society is phucked.

  6. Zoe Brain says

    Devon’s not the only LGB with this opinion in NY.
    That’s the problem.

    Facts mean nothing to them.

    Transphobia – not just for straights.

    Why do you think GENDA is necessary – why were T’s thrown under the bus a decade ago? At least then they *pretended* they’d “come back later”. Now the mask is off.

    They’re only a minority of LGB people – but they’re a minority with a lot of money, and a lot of political power in LGB(t) organisations.

  7. says

    Take solace – the cowardly gay men who hate on Transpeople, and gender-nonconformists, and all things Out and Proud and Defiant are such complete and utter wimps that their reach literally only goes as far as an anonymous screen name on an internet messageboard.

    yes, they’re hateful. yes, it’s ugly. but they know it, and they’re pathetic, Zoe, so their comments amount to nothing more than a pile of faceless-nameless death-gasps from folks too weak of character to actually be a positive force of change in this world.

    always remember that the haters simply aren’t strong enough to put a face to their hatred. anonymity is all they have left.

  8. Bayne MacGregor says

    “they have transjacked the gay movement” Yeah, those Trans with their TIME MACHINE going back throughout history and putting themselves side by side with gay people executed by nazis, putting themselves into the work of Magnus Hirschfeld and the organisation he started, sneaking into and taking over the Stonewall Riot and the Compton Cafeteria one.. even going back in time to pose for photos! Because of cause to transjack the movement the historical documents all prove they have ALWAYS been part of they’d need a time machine and to have changed history wouldn’t they. It’s the only way it could be possible that over a CENTURY of oppression and the fight for equality could have Trans and Gays in the same boat fighting side by side.

    When all that time they could have been using that Time Machine for unselfish purposes… drat those Trans people and their Transjacking Time Machine… except they don’t have a Time Machine do they. So then the transjacking notion is… whats the phrase? Oh yes. A Dirty Rotten LIE! Q.E.D.

    So Devon, go get some counseling to get over your bigotry and develop some Integrity to deal with your lying problem.. or some basic research skills if you just blindly believe the lies of other bigots without fact-checking first.

  9. Bill Perdue says

    Until we get equality for all we won’t have equality for anyone. The lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans communities are all separate and have their own agendas but we have much more in common than not and it’s a no brainier that we have to work together and for each other.

    Devon is following the line of quisling Barney Frank who gutted ENDA by excluding trans folks in 2007 to please antigay employers and in the process launched viscous personal attacks on trans activists and everyone who wanted unity in our common struggle.

    (Comments by a troll named Bill PUrdue are not by me. They are disinformation. My name is spelled Bill PErdue.)

  10. Bill Perdue says

    Devon, are you related to or employed by quisling Barney Frank?

    (Comments by a troll named Bill PUrdue are not by me. They are disinformation. My name is spelled Bill PErdue.)

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