1. Gigi says

    Grey Poupon
    June is National Pride month. Though the festivities technically only last a month, we recommend celebrating all year – because Pride and good taste never go out of season.

    [I guess our resident troll missed that bit.]

  2. Mike in the tundra says

    “Won’t someone hold Jason’s hand and make him feel happy?”

    If you’re looking for volunteers, you’re not going to get one.

  3. Jason says

    Pride? Pride in what? Promiscuity? STD’s? Puh-lease- I can do without them.

    Gay Pride is yet more dishonest twisting of the English language by the gay community. Call it a gay party or some such but cut the gay pride BS.

  4. Jerry says

    Jason, you may not be familiar with the ad this is based on. If you were you might get it…or not. Either way, go get that diaper changed and come back when you’re not so whiney.

  5. ripper says

    Jason once had a cuddly tabby cat named Tabitha. She was his only friend. One blistering summer day in June, a Pride parade led by burly women on motorcycles came marching down the street. Tabitha, spooked by the noise of revving Harleys, darted out into the street. She was crushed by a float carrying three enormous drag queens. That’s how Jason lost his only friend. To this day, he can’t bear the mention of Pride without thinking of poor flattened Tabitha.

  6. Lucas H says

    LOL I love it! I miss those old “Pardon me…. do you have any Grey Poupon?” commercials! This is random and wonderful. I may just have to go buy some Grey Poupon.

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