1. Vint says

    @jamal49: not only are we “those people” to Chris Matthews, he’s concerned that “pray the gay away” sounds derogatory, and the first thing he compares us to is “child molesters” (4:42)!

    His America hasn’t changed as much as he thinks it has.

  2. ArkArk says

    Alan Chambers and others who were running exodus should be in jail. They should be prosecuted and should be serving time for harming and ruining people’s lives.

  3. rascal says

    @jamal49 Yes, we are “those people” who are gay. You may be one of “those people” who have an engineering degree. I may be one of “those people” who live in New York. What’s your point?

  4. Michaelandfred says

    I watch Mathews every night, and I have to commend him. Since he was taken to task about the frequency of having Perkins on his show as the “balance” to the equality issue at a conference, he has made equality, especially marriage equality, one of his pressing themes over the past two years. He’s in full support and I’ve yet to see him miss a beat on the subject when it’s been in the news for almost any reason. More so than any other program I watch.

    We were just commenting on it during this segment. Nobody is on every night without ever making some comment that comes of worse than expected, but some credit where it is do. He’s working very hard for us.

  5. andrew says

    Chris Matthews is a friend of the LGBT community. That’s not good enough for the PC Fascists. They pick apart every word or phrase that even our friends utter just to show us that they are the true believers.

  6. Caliban says

    This story is having HUGE ripples. “Primary ex-gay group says sexuality doesn’t change, shuts down.”

    Believe me, I’m no more forgiving of Exodus’s practices than you are but Chambers really dropped a bomb on them. HEE!

  7. says

    my favourite thing about Chambers is that his entire being puts to rest the “gay-isms are affectations put on by gay men who just want to adopt mannerisms of Stereotypical Gay Culture.”

    the man loathes gayness. the man is dedicating his life to be Not Gay. and yet everything about him fits any and every possible *ism* that gets deemed “stereotypically gay” – so, yeah.

    bye bye Exodus. sorry you got caught in another lie.

  8. Tom says

    Michaeland Fred are totally correct. I too watch Matthews daily. He is completely and totally an ally. He has had on any number of either gay or gay ally guests over the years, and he knows politics and Wash. D.C. better than anybody.

  9. Jake says

    The new Ex-Gay Movement will be born in about 2 years, by gays who want out of what gay culture evolved into. Unlike the first Ex-Gays, this movement will have nothing to do with sex.

  10. JONES says

    Serious question for you.
    This new Ex-Gay movement that happens in about 2 years, what do they want?

  11. Jake says

    Jones: No family or marriage focus. A return to independent, individual, creative forces — painting, writing, music. Non-assimilation. Classical. Free. The new gays. Foreign to their wedded counterparts.

  12. ArkArk says

    The blind leading the blind – how are the folks commenting here not outraged that these people were poisoning people’s lives to the point of suicide? Sleep well to the assimilation.

  13. says

    That movement’s already here, Jake. No one, gay or straight, is forced to buy into the family or marriage deal; it’s a choice, one that–for gay people–will come with greater equality going forward, for those who want it. Anyone who wants to be independent, creative, and non-assimilationaist should be so, another one of the choices. The two aren’t even mutually exclusive. But you can’t go back to 1975 any more than you can reclaim youth. It’s gone. Nostalgia is a dead end. As is the ex-gay movement–it should have died long ago.

    As for Chris Matthews, he can be a clumsy spitting oaf at times, but he’s basically on our side, and he actually seems to relish what he does, unlike some of the talking bimbo heads.

  14. JONES says

    So no legal protections?
    No ENDA?
    DOMA would be OK?
    How about DADT .. No military service unless closeted?
    Not ever going to want a family, or even a domestic partnership?
    Won’t be able to visit your loved one if he’s hospitalized.
    Your loved one can’t be from overseas.
    Sermons denouncing you from the pulpit as the greatest evil in the world would go unchallenged?
    Preachers telling the congregation to beat their gay kids would be OK?
    Gay conversion therapy unchallenged?
    Kids taking their lives because they have no role models to tell them to hold on?
    No SS dates to Prom?
    Restaurants, hotels, gas stations telling you they don’t serve your kind.
    Ignore those of us who are attacked or murdered on the streets?
    When the police turn on you just accept it?
    No complaints when Texas whitewashes LGBT from the history books?

    The thing is, you CAN be single, free, independent, non wedded, make fine art and dance and music and none of those fighting for equality hold it against you. Join us when you can. But for those that have loved ones, have families, kids, a lover about to be deported, or a lover in the military, or care about the safety of kids like Jordon Montgomery who might not have held on had he not heard voices of support then this struggle makes sense.

  15. Caliban says

    Serious question for you.
    How’s the view from up your own @ss?

    Because I totally missed anyone from the gay community telling me what to do or how to think. Does that actually happen or, as I suspect, did you pull that straight out of your @ss without even bothering to rinse it?

  16. JONES says

    No one is asleep. This is second day coverage.
    Exodus was commented to death yesterday. Do a search and read the 3 pages of comments.

    @Ernie Spot on as usual.

    @Caliban LOL That was so not a serious question.

  17. jamal49 says

    rascal, my point was this: Chris Matthews use of “those people” is similar to white politicians who have used the term “you people” when speaking to black audiences regarding issues of civil rights, or “those people” when referring to minorities who are clamoring for respect or equal rights.

    In other words, Chris Matthews is a “johnny-come-lately” to the push for civil equality for gay people and still doesn’t know how to speak of us in a decent or human manner; nor does he really feel comfortable even discussing it. That was obvious from watching this segment.

    “Those people” is perjorative in this context.


  18. cuntfused says

    not everything is black or white…straight or gay, there are bisexual people, they seem to forget about them here!