1. Nigel says

    I’m confused. The superman character is an undocumented immigrant. Why is he being used in a marketing champaign for the National Guard?

  2. Jeff says

    Might not be the most fitting spokesperson. Are there any actors who’ve served in one of our several ongoing wars with missing limbs?

  3. says

    Of course, when you join the National Guard you can get sent to exciting places like Iraq and Afghanistan and get killed, unlike Superman, who is immortal. Right?

  4. ratbastard says

    You know, that would be something to see them use a national guard soldier who has had limb[s] blown off/amputated or 3rd degree facial burns, in one of their ads. Not gonna happen.

  5. tinkerbelle says

    This is so false advertising. Of course, Superman has only Kryptonite to fear, and he’s a comic book character. For the average recruit, it’s all the above (guys). Also, the video is kind of edited for the feeble-minded, is that their target audience? The rational is rather twisted.

  6. says

    OMG guys its an ad nothing more , and of corse they are not going to use injured vets as guess what most vets come home safe and sound thus its not an accurate discription on what will happen.


    Riiiiiight. Working out gives you “a genuine code of ethics or values that guides how [you] behave and allows [you] to make choices for the greater good.”

    Might = right, even in 2013 America. The bigger and stronger you are, the better you can make decisions for everyone else!

    Excuse me while I go barf.

  8. Stupid shyt says

    What’s with all the Cavill publicity on this site lately? It’s nonstop. What has this guy done for gay rights? Answer: Not a d&mn thing.