1. macmantoo says

    What they going to do? I wouldn’t want one of them to perform a marriage ceremony for me and I sure as hell don’t want to marry any of them. What they going to do? Have a hissy fit when gays start getting married.

  2. Xanax, anyone? says

    I think they are going to hold their breath until they turn blue. Then everyone will be sorry. It’s sad when adults have temper tantrums.

  3. TampaZeke says

    Good. That’ll make it so much easier when the Gaystapo starts rounding up the Christians and hauling them to concentration camps or when we start to beat them and persecute them in the streets or whatever conspiracy-martyr fantasy they come up with next week.

  4. Caliban says

    I couldn’t even begin to tell you how big a sh!t I don’t give.

    And “defy”? WTF does that even mean? They can stamp their teeny weeny little feet to their hearts’ content but if people are legally married they’re legally married? What’s to defy?

    And yeah, “holding their breath until they turn blue” is about the size of it.

  5. Jake says

    Don’t go near there Andy. I don’t want to see a scratch on that pretty face. Don’t be so naive everyone. This was expected and there will be more. You’ve been watching celebrities promoting gay marriage. These are the masses. They hate gays (just like we wiser ones always knew) It’s not comedy to them.

  6. Bubba says

    Obviously they do not read their own precious bible, where marriage is between a man and his multiple wives, his concubine, his servants and whom ever else happens to walk by.

  7. AggieCowboy says

    Great, so we here in OK have a state representative vowing to disobey the laws she has swore to uphold. Thank her godling that she doesn’t represent me. Needs to be recalled for signing onto that letter alone.

  8. JONES says

    Cry your sob story to the dwindling number of bigots that are still brainwashed enough to accept your lies. The 60% (and growing) of Americans who now support LGBT equality recognize you for exactly what you are … extremists poisoned by hate.

  9. says

    Since marriage equality doesn’t affect them in any real way, I’m not sure what they are defying? The temptation to marry a person of the same sex? (Not that any sane gay person would marry any fugly face among them.) Will they poke their eyes out so they don’t have to see married gay couples wandering about? Manually put their panties in a twist?

    Not that they’ll believe it, but someone needs to send them a memo that the backlash over marriage equality in every place that has it has the shelf life of a carton of milk. The vast majority just doesn’t give a hoot once the bigoted dust settles, contrary to what the fear-mongers believe.

  10. Zlick says

    I guess I should not be expecting any wedding anniversary presents from these folks. But just in case they change their minds: 5th Anniversary is Pacifier.

  11. Seattle Mike says

    This just laying the groundwork to claim victim status when they are required to provide services to gay weddings. It’s the florist thing all over again. They’re also going to claim that their freedom of speech is being suppressed because there are ramifications (boycotts) for businesses that make their anti-gay policies known.

  12. Queer Supremacist says

    “Good. That’ll make it so much easier when the Gaystapo starts rounding up the Christians and hauling them to concentration camps or when we start to beat them and persecute them in the streets or whatever conspiracy-martyr fantasy they come up with next week.”

    Let’s not take this option off the table.

  13. RMc says

    “predicted that any ruling in favor of gay marriage will lead to civil war or revolution”

    Bring it, my dogs are ready and my legal, licensed and registered gun is cleaned and ready to protect me from some religious-reich bigots.

  14. bructer says

    What in the world, you would think Christianity was the only religion in the United States. Hey you idiots, what makes you think you can speak for everyone????I was never anti anything, but these dopes are making me anti christian.

  15. emjayay says

    Well, if they are a city clerk they can refuse to issue a same-sex marriage license. It’s already happened. Not sure what happens next. I think get transfered or fired. So not that effective a protest as long as there’s someone to take their place.

  16. Bob S says

    I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t the equivalent of all those “christians” who publicly gave tacit approval to terrorize blacks during the 50’s, 60’s, & 70’s? This message isn’t directed at us or to the rest of the nation. I wonder if this is a message to their followers and all the homophobes. A message that they should attack the fags & dykes with some righteous queer bashing. This doesn’t look like a temper tantrum to me (tho there’s part of that in there). No, it looks more like a call to arms for the violent homophobes.

  17. HomoMomo says

    I would like to point out that the LDS Church managed to keep any of their General Authorities names completely un-associated with this document. They are either feeling the heat in the tax exempt world or they are maybe actually starting to practice what they preach?

  18. Pookie says

    The statement isn’t for us.

    I think people are forgetting this fact.

    The statement is to people that might give them money.

    That’s really all it means.

    It would be just TOO awesome if they tried something violent, and a great example of the power of Natural Selection if they did.

  19. Craig Nelson says

    When people mention the Bible I think it is curious. The Bible was either prescient and all knowing or it isn’t. If prescient or all knowing the they’d have predicted same sex marriage happening and have warned against it – there isn’t a single verse on same sex marriage (though a covenant between David and Jonathan that looks like a marriage and a lot of polygamous unions that God never intervenes on).

    That leaves the other alternative – the Bible isn’t prescient and all knowing. In which case…….

  20. kp05 says

    Ah yes, the brilliant ‘Party of Lincoln’ would like to start a second Civil War over the expansion of rights to a minority group…

    It would be hilarious if it weren’t so pathetic.

  21. Zach says

    Well the Supreme court isn’t going to force any individual to perform, attend, or get a gay marriage so I’m not exactly sure what they would be defying.

  22. Tom Chicago says

    pouting, pre-emptive pouting at that.
    The snooty misnomer of “redefining” marriage ignores the historical reality of wives being the legal chattel of husbands until that kind of marriage was “redefined”. This is going to be one fractious, disgruntled group playing in the corner, and they richly deserve the misery of being in a confined space with Donohue.

  23. Steve says

    Individuals, organizations and churches may ignore our marriages, if they want. That really does not matter very much.

    What matters is, that the Clerk of Courts issues the Marriage License, and that the resulting marriage is recognized by government.

  24. anon says

    I’m sure this is for fundraising. The only thing they would try after this is a constitutional amendment defining marriage. They might call for a constitutional convention too. They obviously don’t have the votes for either. Also, they will still continue to get gays killed in Africa with death penalty laws for sodomy. There are conservative protests in France too, probably funded by the Catholic Church.

    I suppose they could take up some WBC tactics and protest same-sex marriage ceremonies, though how you organize that would be a bit of a mystery.

  25. Randy says

    They are a little late. Already seven states plus DC allow same sex marriage. They were okay with that, so long as the legislatures or the public votes in favor? I guess they won’t respect marriage in California but they will in New York, right? It’s all so confusing!

  26. Randy says

    Remember: This is all fantasy-based. They truly believe that they are “warriors” for Jesus, and that they will stand at the entrance of some federal building and prevent Satan from entering, or something. They will have guns, because Jesus loves guns too. More than gays, at any rate. They will have righteousness on their side, and God will never abandon them. They will go down in history as the last defenders of Christianity and real Americanism. They will happily die martyrs for the cause because their reward is in heaven anyway and God will be so pleased with them that they came to his side when he needed them most, so they will sit at his right hand, just after Jesus himself.

    It’s all delusional, of course, but they truly believe it. I know because I have a family member who does.

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