Children’s Museum Demands Apology For Outcry Over Telling Gay Couple They’re Not A Family


In a move that surprised few, The Hands On Children's Museum of Jacksonville, Florida, which recently told a gay couple they were not a family, is now claiming to be the real victim of unfair treatment and is demanding an apology.

In a statement, the museum says it is being slandered with false accusations and is overwhelmed with the amount of outcry online and over the phone. The museum says it couldn't possible discriminate against anyone because its policies are not discriminatory:

Jacksonville “Hands On” Children’s Museum has never discriminated
against anyone. But in fact the “Hands On” Children’s Museum , it’s
employees, the board members, the donators and sponsors, the director,
the directors family and her husbands church are being discriminated
against, attacked and threatened. The director was yelled at and
screamed at and feels the Hands On Children’s Museum deserves an apology
for how the museum is being treated. This is a children’s museum.

Oh the logic of bigotry.