K-9 Police Dog’s Farewell Salute Goes Viral: PHOTO

Kaiser…And to my boys and blue. Never in my career have i ever been so proud. You out did yourselves today. I could not have asked for a better send off. Kaiser truly was part of the department and loved being a police dog. My fellow K-9 handlers, you are a cut above and showed everyone what being a handler is all about…our pups. I thank each of you and you have my respect forever.

Kenny Ballinger and Marc Higgins, thank you for being there for my family and i as we weathered the storm. It was difficult, but i gained strength through you.

Lastly, to all of you who sent your regards over the past few days…I thank you. I read every single post and listened to every message. Kaiser served you well and the streets of Plymouth were safer when he was on patrol. The compassion was overwhelming and i am humbled at the support from perfect strangers.

God Bless you all.


  1. terry says

    New rule cites that all police officers will be put down upon retirement should they have a medical condition.

  2. Randy says

    Regarding the salute, I’m glad to see we give working animals some respect, sometimes. Even if the animal doesn’t understand, we do, and that’s important enough to do it.

    As for the euthanasia, if only we could grant humans a dignified death when our time comes, to avoid pointless agony.

  3. gomez says

    @randy. i am watching my mother die at this very moment and seriously considered euthanasia by pillow last night. you’re right, we should make space for mercy killing in society. i suspect we will someday

  4. ratbastard says

    It’s a terrible hing to watch people you grew up thinking of them as your protectors, strong, invincible, then one day the table is turned and you must protect them. Anyone who has delt with a parent suffering from a debilitating medical condition, physical, especially something that affects their mind, knows how devastating it is. Our answer in this society is to get them on medicaid/medicare if they have no coverage, then bleed them dry of their assets while pumping them full of prescription drugs that keep their heart beating. Dress them up and wheel them out on Christmas and other holidays. Or worse, put them in institutions where they’re cared for by people making minimum wage. It’s not pretty.

    The dog was treated humanely. He had an un-treatable condition and was suffering.

  5. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    Such a heartfelt salute when the Kaiser’s remains were removed from the hospital to the pet cemetery I can understand.

    Doing-so when he’s being lead to his humane-death at the animal hospital is disturbing and creepy…

    I wish they had waited. **typed while teary-eyed**

  6. says

    There is an incredible bond between a police k-9 and his or her handler. When one goes down in the line of duty, it’s like another cop has been killed. I have experienced that from my police days. I have much respect for police dogs. They know no fear. My condolences to the handler and the police department where Kaiser served.

  7. garryo says

    The image of those officers saluting their buddy as he takes his last steps–not in a coffin, but still standing and able to see them say farewell–is so profoundly moving. It gives me the sads….