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    it’s truly astounding that we have brave men and women in places like Uganda who are putting a visible Face and Name to “What Gay Is” in order to end the ongoing culture of bigotry and oppression, and yet over here in the “enlightened western world” we still have grown-adult gay people refusing to Come Out because they’re worried that “people will think that they like Lady Gaga”, or some bullcrap like that.

    everyone reading this story, who lives as an adult in some “more enlightened country”, should get some freakin’ perspective and stop giving excuses for Hiding.

    You’re not in Uganda. What’s your freakin’ excuse?

  2. Caliban says

    That looks amazingly powerful. I really wonder how many gay people in the US would have the courage to come out in similar circumstances. We’d all like to think, or at least many of us do, that we’d have that kind of bravery but at least for myself I question whether I have that kind of guts. It’s comparatively easy to be an out gay person in the West because we’re standing on the shoulders of brave people like those in this film. (And even our pioneers weren’t really faced with governmental execution though they [and sometimes we still do] faced the threat of violence.)

    And this would be a good time to mention that the impetus for a lot of this rabid African homophobia was deliberately imported there by American Evangelical “Christians.”

  3. GB says

    Lady Gaga is passe. Kiwi always makes his blanket statement, followed by a feeble “call to arms”, Why aren’t you doing it? What are YOU doing about it. It’s a pattern. It’s “astonishing!” It’s amusing really…

    This film is liberal gay gold. Can’t wait to see it.

  4. Caliban says

    Really, GB, what does “liberal gay gold” even mean? Is it really only only “liberals” who see something wrong with gay people being murdered in the streets, much less by their government, as a wrong that isn’t right, that needs correcting?

    If so it says FAR more about you and “conservatives” than it does about about liberals. It’s statements like that which make it no bloody wonder conservatives are accused of fascism, despite your “Who, me?!” protestations of innocence.

    Really I think the ideal sentence would be for people like you to actually live in the kind of society you espouse, all sweet and benign until you step outside the lines, then the punishment is harsh and devastating. Real “values” are self-evident and self-perpetuating and don’t need threats to enforce. Really what you advocate is “Leave It To Beaver” with starving beggars just off camera and a public gallows in every town to make sure everyone knows what happens to troublemakers.

    Over the top? Perhaps, but we’re watching the full expression of Religious Right morality play out in real time in Africa. That’s one of the few times you can truthfully say “I built this.” They defend themselves by saying “That isn’t what I meant!” but it’s really the natural end to their homophobic rhetoric. They hate gays and gays aren’t going to go away to suit them, so eventually the question arises, “So what’s your final solution?” That’s what it really comes down to, final solutions. At least in Africa the final solution for gay people vs Evangelical Christian convictions is murder. Why disavow it when it’s the logical end to conservative social policy? They should be proud of it. It’s exactly what they wanted but were too timid to say aloud.

    I would say congratulations are in order. They got exactly what they wanted even if they don’t want to admit it publicly. They should bask in it since it’s their dearest wishes made real.

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    I visited East Africa for the 1st time in 16 years this year and I was first introduced to that word “KUCHU” by local gays and non gays. Granted I was in Rwanda, the southern neighbor which is where I was born, and which is much much MUCH less homophobic (the government decriminalized homosexuality constitutionally back in 2011), but the social stigma hasn’t gone away. Living in Toronto Canada most of my life, I had completely gotten out of touch with the realities of developing countries but I was pleasantly surprised when I got there and everyone was very friendly and welcoming. Once they find out that you’re gay, they sort of go like, well do your thing man, just keep it discreet just like straight folks do it. It’s more of a culture thing but it’s definitely less homophobic than ANY other country in Africa, S.A included. Good experience over all.

  6. MateoM says

    GB takes issue with Kiwi because all the Republican trolls take issue with Kiwi. At this point Kiwi, you should take it as a compliment.

  7. Caliban says

    Oh, believe me, I really was aware of that, MateoM. I just try to stay out of that whole thing. It’s endless and circular and when I want to indulge in pointless activities I prefer masturbation.

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    For what it’s worth, folks, I’m not acknowledging my (what? two?) Trolling-Obsessives anymore. Under any of their at-the-moment screen names. So far, he’s freaking out and trying to get my attention in every thread. Ignore him and he’ll die.
    From this point, I’m not acknowleding any criticisms or baiting from folks who don’t have the orbs to put their face to their comments.
    *elegant curtsy*

  9. Caliban says

    @gb, I’ll admit to indulging in a slight British-ism with “bloody” but I’m nobody but myself. I don’t have the interest to create multiple identities and even if I did it would be so obvious it would defeat the point, so why bother?

    I don’t post as Kiwi and I’m not going to post as you either with the implication that your mommy and daddy don’t really love you. Frankly I’m not interested in you one way or the other enough to care and real life is far more complicated than that.

    But if you’re going to espouse conservative ideals then you follow them to their logical conclusion or at least live by them yourself. To me it’s the height of hypocrisy to enjoy the freedoms won for gays by liberals while supporting candidates who wouldn’t p!ss on you if you were on fire.

    FWIW that’s also true of some liberals who sing Kumbaya over groups who would gladly cut their throats.

  10. nature boy says

    @ caliban
    masturbation is not pointless, it exercises the prostate, men who masturbate often are healthier. plus everyone needs to inspect their balls more often for signs of testicular cancer. just sayin’.

    oh yeah, the video is heartbreaking. wondering “what can i do?” to help… anybody know any easy answers to that question?

  11. Reality Check says

    Gay men in America don’t care about African Gay men because they aren’t “pretty” enough to fit the gay standard. American gays are so shallow and self centered they think only of themselves and cock. They have no compassion for human beings suffering unless they are a part of the American Gay Community.

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