1. Scott says

    Another tour de force by Jerry Mitchell and company. Always a wonderful show for a great cause. Have to hand it to the Broadway community. They come together and go all out. Happy to continue to support Broadway Bares and Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS.

  2. Mike says

    Hmm…not so sure.
    Yea, he’s got a voice, but I really, really feel like the National Anthem is not a time to show off your “diva” skills. No matter who sings it, it should be done with the most respect possible.
    No need to make it all about you.
    That’s just how I feel.

  3. Melody says

    Adam’s voice is glorious and there is no need to hide it. This was part of the show ,apparently you didn’t see what came next.

    ADAM is now surpassing Whitney as the very best singer ever of the SSB..I believe Adam Lambert will become this generations’s POP ICON.

  4. Rich B says

    Huh. He didn’t perform at the Broadway Bares I went to on Sunday. It must have only been the midnight show.

  5. ripper says

    “I really, really feel like the National Anthem is not a time to show off your “diva” skills”

    Uh, tell that to every diva ever who’s sang it.

  6. dattexas says

    His voice is insane. While I prefer a more restrained approach, you can’t deny he is a very gifted singer. Better than Whitney? He’s definitely in the game.

  7. MCnNYC says

    It definitely was a SMASH at the midnight show!
    As was the energy and talent of all who participated..

  8. Alco says

    Yeah, he only sang at the midnight show and that video doesn’t do it complete justice.

  9. Douglas says

    I think he did this awesomely. And I think it’s great that different singers take liberties and freedom in the ways they render the National Anthem. After all, that’s kinda what it’s about.

  10. Jeffrey in St. Louis says

    Haters can hate all they want, but there is no doubt that Mr. Lambert can bring it.

    Well done, Adam!

  11. says

    Perfect. Period. The song is written for a “diva skills” voice – one of the most difficult songs to sing ever written. And his version perfectly fits into the context of the rest of the show. It was an amazing moment.

  12. Dback says

    Love him. Love his voice. Still hate that our national anthem is based on a musically insane British drinking song. (Also hate that the lyrics are basically two long, rambling, gramatically-challenged questions.) Would love to hear Adam turn his chops loose on “God Bless America” or “America the Beautiful,” though.

  13. Bob says

    It is a patriotic song for a patriotic people. In America that means diva, country, operatic, pitch perfect or off key. Sing it how ever you want just sing it loud and proud.

  14. RedRoseQueen1 says

    I agree totally with jrmartine. Think about how difficult a song it is to sing even in its original version. Add to that the fact that this was a theatrical/Broadway crowd, now multiply the intensity of a “cold walk on” to a Broadway-like stage and factor in an acapella rendition of THE most well-known, beloved patriotic song in the United States. It was a Herculean feat that would have left many (most?) performers quaking and in shambles. Lambert is ridiculously talented! Bravo! Standing O!

  15. Steve says

    I don’t know if people who post here are truly idiots or just work hard at pretending to be. The show is an outrageous over the top tour de force. It’s for a good cause and is every definition of the word theatrical. People should really research before they open their mouths and show just how stupid they are. This was a fund raiser. The theme of the night was the military hence the star spangled banner. How Adam sang it was not only appropriate but necessary and no one could have pulled it off like he did.

  16. colin says

    I’m not really a Lambert fan, but……WOW! How can anyone not be blown away by this? And where is the full video?? That just blew EVERY version out of the water.

  17. Brian says

    FYI – He only sang from “and the rockets red glare” onwards, so this is the full video.

  18. Sandi Shader says

    Adam Lambert does not need to “show off his diva skills” HE is a master at his craft. Unlike anyone I, and probably you,have ever seen or will see in our lifetime. His voice is explosive and soft as silk, then “blow the roof off” outstanding, and lullaby soft again, sometimes, all within one song. You can’t ‘learn’ this kind of talent. It’s a gift. And it’s a gift I am so grateful to receive. Please don’t trash Adam. THIS was a masterpiece, show-stopping rendition of the National Anthem!!

  19. Matty Marchant says

    I agree Ms. Sandi Shader! From one Glambrat to another. He is just AMAZING in every sense of the word! But WE knew that already! 😉

  20. Matty Marchant says

    I agree Ms. Sandi Shader! From one Glambrat to another. He is just AMAZING in every sense of the word! But WE knew that already! 😉

  21. RedRoseQueen1 says

    LOL Jason! I know, right? Martin is a LONGTIME hater of ALL things Lambert related. Pay no attention to him. He’s so JEALOUS it eats him alive.And Sandi Shader is right ON! As is Steve and Colin! As Adam says “Haters gonna hate” Hahaaa! SING ON ADAM!

  22. tess4ADAM says

    ADAM NEVER DISAPPOINTS! LOVED this rendition of the National Anthem. Just wish there was more … So PROUD to be a Glambert.

  23. SKR says

    For those who are interested, the Star Spangled Banner actually has five verses, and was written as a question AND an answer: after a fierce fight, was the American flag still flying? Yes, it was. Most people, however, only know the first verse, which asks the question.

  24. Kathy says

    Truly you people who are venting that everyone needs to sing this with respect…what do you mean? Is it because a gay man sang the HELL out of this song, with force, with flare, with attitude (the don’t mess with America and gays attitude)…explain please why it is ok for Whitney, Mariah, Patti, Marvin, and all the other great iconic singers to sing their faces off or to add their style (let’s not forget Hendrix’s rendition on guitar-which was amazing), but when a gay man comes out and totally and I mean totally knocks the song out of the park, we think it is not appropriate…??? Why is it that gay men tend to vent against Adam…those who are gay and don’t act true to themselves I should say. You need to take lessons from Adam…all you haters…to be real, to be yourself and to be proud. And I especially loved the Boy Scout salute and sharp turn at the end…Tell them Adam!