1. JMC says

    Why cheapen your ceremony only to give this cult the media attention they so desperately crave? This entire rainbow house is a terrible idea, it only gives these lunatics exactly what they want.

  2. Seattle Gregg says

    @JMC – The WBC wants to be confronted with the thing they hate and fear most, every time they look out their window? To see children raising money to further human rights? To watch as loving couples commit to one another in the light of WBC’s hate and not care because they have eyes only for the beauty of their ceremony?

    That house — and everything that has gone on there and everything that will continue to go on there — is the best possible way to fight the hate. It is an excellent example of the principles of non-violent confrontation, and if it provokes one of the hate mongers to cross the line and do something illegal, some people who desperately deserve to be in jail will finally get put away.

  3. Tom says

    They were not legally married, since Kansas does not recognize same-sex relationships in any way.

  4. karen in kalifornia says

    @Tom, exactly. While I appreciate and support the symbology (I know not a word) of this event, it unfortunately leads to more misinformation about the rights of LGBT people by both gay and straight people alike. Make no mistake, this couple has NO LEGAL RELATIONSHIP RIGHTS in Kansas.

  5. Anāgāmi says

    There love is true, it doesn’t need law to be acknowledged spiritually. Mankind will realize this & love will be ‘legal’ worldwide.