LGBT Military Group Outserve-SLDN Fires Executive Director; Staff, Board Resignations Follow

Following a reported internal power struggle, the complete details of which have yet to be divulged, Allyson Robinson, the executive director of LGBT military group Outserve-SLDN and the first trangender leader of a national LGBT rights organization, was asked to resign on Saturday. Robinson had been leading the organization for nine months.

RobinsonSeveral senior staffers at the organization – director of external relations Zeke Stokes, Gary Espinas, the director of chapter and member services – have also reportedly resigned, along with at least three board members – Sue Fulton, Matthew Phelps and Beth Schissel. Legal Director David McKean has technically resigned but says he will stay with the organization "until I can determine how to resolve matters related to client representation in accordance with legal ethics rules and requirements."

Buzzfeed reports:

The board co-chair, Josh Seefried, has been accused by the board member who resigned in protest, Sue Fulton, of having “rushed this vote through” on Saturday.

Seefried, however, would not comment, saying only, “We can’t talk right now. We have some internal issues to deal with first, then will be updating the community.”

Asked about the decision, Robinson would only tell BuzzFeed, “It would be inappropriate for me to comment at this time.”

…Saturday’s move came at a regularly scheduled board meeting, with no advance notice of the plans to seek Robinson’s resignation and only after the board spent several hours in executive session.

UPDATE: Chris Johnson at the Washington Blade sums up the ongoing chaos regarding reports on Robinson's ouster, none of which anyone at the organization has yet clarified.


  1. franklin says

    Gay leaders (off the record) will tell you that these male to female trans people are impossible to work with and bring their sense of entitlement and bullying behaviors with them in whatever organizations they are attempting to dominate. This is no surprise.

  2. JMC says

    Six people total were ousted or resigned, but clearly all trans women are just tyrannical bullies and that’s the reason for this messiness. rme

  3. enough already says

    franklin, I’ve worked with transgender people in stressful situations and they are no more and no less affected by the stress than cis-gendered people.
    Your statement is wrong.

  4. says

    don’t worry – the only gay people who take issue with our Trans brothers and sisters are cowardly little wimps who can never make their statements from a place of visibility.

    Allyson, rock ON.

  5. johnny says

    Kiwi… please get over yourself.

    Internet anonymity is not a “closeted gay” thing, it’s an internet thing.

    A majority – an OVERWHELMING majority – of people simply do not want to be traced or have their identity known in comments sections. Here and on MANY MANY MANY other places on the net.

    It’s great that you’re out and proud and loud and everyone in the universe knows exactly who you are and where they can find you.


    But not everyone wants or needs that.

    For the love of all that is gay, please do the rest of us a favor and quit playing that same tired old song over and over and over.

  6. Jonathan says

    This has a great deal more to do with the nature of not for profit governance than ti does with the LGBT community. I’m a business consultant currently working with a church (mainstream Protestant, gay welcoming, but not a gay church) on a strategic plan and two months in, suddenly an important member of the staff isn’t working there any more. It isn’t clear if this staff member quit or was fired, but this kind of upheaval happens in the not for profit world, no matter what it is the charity is working toward.

  7. Factoids says

    Second what Jonathan said about nonprofit organizations having crappy governance structures in place. Its amazing some of them stay open at all.

  8. woodroad34d says

    My mom was a Diaconal Minister in her local Methodist Church (speaking of “non profit” organizations and crappy governance). She was totally dismayed at how people of entitlement would ruin that governance because of how much money they gave, moral superiority, social standing, or just plain bullying so that good people would become disgusted and leave — it’s all politics and politics is based on personality and what’s good for the few.

  9. says

    @johnny – try to understand nuance: there are some things that only hack piece of s**t cowards say. anti-trans B.S. cowardly “i can’t stand those effeminates!” garbage. racial epithets and prejudicial nonsense.

    but you do touch on a great point, without even realizing it – they want their anonymity. that’s all they have. without it, they have nothing. but that aint my problem, sugarpie, nor is it the problem of the brave trans men and women who are fighting and demanding their equal place in society.

    those who complain from a place of anonymity are about as useful as tits on a fish.

  10. Bob Conti says

    I’ve had the good fortune to meet and spend time with Allyson at various LGBT conferences. She’s a smart and awesome person. When a group of others voluntarily quit thier jobs in solidarity, that speaks volumes.

  11. UFFDA says

    Johnny, you’re so right about KIWI the NAG and though I almost never read him I did see his first phrase “try to understand nuance..” and burst out laughing as I moved on. Nuance, from the master of ham-handedness.

  12. UFFDA says

    But then again, what would I know? I’m just a pathetic grown adult who never came out of the closet and I spend each day obsessing over younger people who have, while I simultaneously type hateful things about them with one hand, while two pudgy fingers on the other masturbate the nub that passes for my penis. I’m clearly on the forefront of cultural revolution.

  13. jpeckjr says

    @jonathan. Without disagreeing with you in any way, I would add this kind of thing happens in for-profit organizations, too, even publicly traded ones. Internal power struggles can happen in any organization.

  14. John says

    Allyson Robinson is one of the most honorable individuals I have every met. Her passion for LGBT is unsurpassed and she has worked with me on increasing LGBT awareness within the VA. Her loss is a detriment to any organization and I can only tell you that no matter where she goes, she will increase the vitality of that new organization. Outserve-LSDN just lost one of the best of the best.