1. JimmyD says

    good save. Instead of getting upset or pointing fingers, she’s owning it. I don’t know anything about her but… good for her!

  2. Jack says

    Anytime you are able to be on in jokes that are being made about you, I’m a fan. I mean, it’s basically how Tori Spelling resurrected her career (Trick/So NoTorious anyone?). Her answer sucked, but her response in the aftermath has been 100x more impressive than that idiot from South Carolina or the even bigger moron from California before her…

  3. jjose712 says

    Well, it seems that she is smarter than her answer suggested. At least she is able to have a good laugh at her mess

  4. tinkerbelle says

    Yes, not stupid this one. She’s getting her 15 min. and perhaps a bit more. She’s beautiful, charming and so completely at ease, great laugh, and the ability to laugh at herself, that’s worth its weight in gold. I have a feeling we may be hearing more from this one, although I hope not in the singing department.

  5. alguien says

    she messed up on her response but she’s appearing on kimmel and no one’s really aware of who miss usa is.

  6. Andy says

    She is gorgeous! And funny! I was rooting for her. I think she just zoned out.

    That pageant is so screwy. It is all fluff and then all of a sudden they ask these real serious, political questions. Totally nonsequeter. It’s like “Let’s stump the beauty queen!”

  7. Bryan says

    I believe I can use this to teach my English students the idiom “adding insult to injury.”

  8. T.J says

    She really is beautiful. I do think the winner was the rightful winner though and I remember thinking they picked the right girl but Utah was beautiful too. Glad she has a fun loving personality!