1. Dego says

    I’d love to be where Franco is in that pic.. Mark is the hotness, and adorable.. and husband material.

  2. says

    Dave is a hot little man. If he was four inches taller he’d easily get more attention than his brother… and more “leading man” roles.

  3. RONTEX says

    They’re both HOT and the movie was a pretty fun Summer trifle. The cast had terrific chemistry and it was pretty to look at… not every movie has to be an Oscar contender.

  4. Alex Parrish says

    No to worry Jimmy Franco-Fans. Everyone in Hollyweird knows that Mark Ruffalo’s main squeeze is Jason Behr (of Roswell fame) they’ve been gettin’-it-on for years, so you still have a chance with Fanco.

  5. Alex Parrish says

    Oops — that should have been Dave Franco-Fans — wrong Franco — my bad. Post is still accurate though… 😉

  6. testington says

    am I the only one surprised this is the one towleroad post that doesn’t have the suggested link of Dave Franco f#cks himself at the bottom?