NFL Players Association Selling ‘LGBT Pride’ T-Shirts


The NFL Players Association has launched a line of 'LGBT Pride' t-shirts to benefit (all proceeds) the anti-homophobia group Athlete Ally. Supporters have the option of adding the jersey number and name of Brendon Ayanbadejo, Connor Barwin, Scott Fujita, Steve Gleason, Chris Gocong, Chris Kluwe, Donte' Stallworth, Terrell Suggs or Eric Winston to the shirts, which sell for $24.99.

Said Oakland Raiders punter Chris Kluwe: “I am extremely proud to be a part of this collaboration between Athlete Ally and the NFLPA’s One Team Shop to raise awareness both of Pride month and the issue of tolerance and respect within the NFL itself. As players, we are role models to a wide variety of people, and this is a great way to send a message of empathy to those who love and watch the game. Also, I'm pretty stoked that people can buy something with my number on it.”


  1. Francis #1 says

    How cool is this! Awesome, I think I’m going to buy a couple :)

    Never would have imagined something like this was possible a few years ago. This is a sign of progress and change. Beautiful shirts, beautiful message.

  2. Cburg says

    Impressive, I really like the design too! Tried to buy the Kluwe one but they don’t deliver outside the States/Canada/Puerto Rico. Think I’ll get it delivered to a friend..

  3. Matt says

    Cool shirts and a very nice gesture, but it will be a great day when I can buy one of these with the name and number of an out gay player.

  4. skincub says

    They’re actually pretty slick.

    If I was a sports-kinda-guy I’d totally fork over $25.

    Way to Disco, NFL!

  5. jason says

    If they can’t even mention the word “gay”, what’s the point? Seems more homophobic than gay-friendly.

  6. alex says

    @jason: How anyone could view this as homophobic is beyond me. If you include the “gay” on the shirt, you exclude the LBT part of the community.

    The NFL Players Shop website clearly labels these as “LGBT Pride Vintage T-Shirts”. And, the shirts aren’t hidden under multiple menus. The shirts are currently displayed on the home page of the store.

  7. MateoM says

    Speaking of homophobes, Jason (rick, david hearne, all the same guy) regularly posts homophobic, anti-femme, anti-woman and racist things on this cite all the time. Why we continue to give him any attention is beyond me. I wish Andy would change the commenting so that he could be banned.

  8. says

    I think I’ve been transported to an alternate universe…the NFL is selling LGBT supportive t-shirts? And they look GREAT?! Do NOT wake me up!

  9. Francis #1 says

    It’s not the NFL, it’s the NFLPA. These shirts aren’t sold by the NFL officially, the NFL hasn’t endorsed them. The NFLPA is a different organization within the NFL umbrella.

    Just to clarify some above comments. Doesn’t take away from how awesome this is.

  10. Zeta says

    I want a Kerry Rhodes one. And a Troy Aikman one. And definitely a Kordell Stewart one. And a Deion Sanders one in honor of how much he ran like a queen in heels on the field. I want the option to choose the player and the player’s number.

  11. Mikey says

    The poster Zeta on this site is a bigot….please pass it on….enough with pandering to religious trolls who pretend to be our friend on this site.

    In a recent thread, Zeta stated “gays coming out are drama queens who want to shove their sexuality down people’s throats”

    In a thread last week, Zeta said:

    “which is it? Is marriage about love or about contracts?

    If it’s about love, then no one should tell someone they can’t marry the grove they’ve bonded with, they take of, they own, or which they are going to pledge to own and take care of.

    If it’s about contracts, then ditto.

    I don’t see the problem. Should homosexuals?” while going on and on about how gay marriage can lead to animals and humans marrying.