Nik Wallenda Wants to High-Wire Walk Between the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings in NYC

Nik Wallenda, who last night walked across the Grand Canyon on a high-wire (and Niagara Falls last June), would like to conquer Manhattan and walk between the Empire State and Chrysler buildings, a distance of nine city blocks, the NY Post reports:

Wallenda"If he gets permission, the walk would be 4,000 feet, more than triple the length of his Grand Canyon stunt. He gave no indication if he had yet made any attempt to get permission to perform the feat."

NY Mag adds: "It would also be about twenty times the distance between the Twin Towers, a space that Philippe Petit traversed in 1974, during a rogue walk that was later the subject of the Oscar-winning documentary Man on Wire."


  1. Esther Blodgett says

    This story ought to be headlined “Nik Wallenda Wants To Hopelessly Tie Up Traffic In Midtown”.

  2. Jim says

    lol @Esther – so true…
    he’s pretty strict about not using safety harnesses and there’s no way the city would put everything under the wire in danger. I dont think it could happen legally.

  3. Rad says

    When I was a child, I cared about this stuff. Then I turned 10.

    However, if he decided to tightrope walk between two sub-orbital balloons without a wire; I might be inclined to watch.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    Call me a sissy all you want to, but just watching shyt like this scares the shyt out of me.

  5. Red says

    I missed his Niagra Falls walk but watched this one and it was terrifying. Glad he made it but I can’t imagine why his kids wanted to be there, it could’ve gone the other way and they would’ve been scarred for life.

  6. Shawn says

    Thank you Lord. Thank you for calming that cable, God. You have authority over the wind Lord.

  7. Vint says

    The Mayor of New York thinks a 32 oz. Coke is too dangerous to be legal. Not sure he’s going to get permission for the Empire State/Chrysler Building stroll…

  8. says

    @ Shawn:
    Yeah, and thank you Jesus, in Jesus’ name…for calming that pesky cable.

    It is truly amazing the trivia that Jesus gets up to.

    I’m afraid that a little voice inside me wanted an alternative conclusion, Road Runner/Coyote style.

  9. terry says

    jesus sure is fickle, after all how many children’s prayers went unanswered last night as they went to bed hungry just because JC was bribed by TV air time.

  10. UFFDA says

    No, that’s too risky, everyone hates it too much when someone falls (as did his grandfather). It’s traumatising. I don’t want to see or hear about it. Even if you make it, it only makes you the most foolish man in the world.

  11. Billy Crytical says

    It can’t be done with current technology. The cable he walked across last night was 8 tons. The cable for a distance between those two buildings would be atleast 30 tons and there wouldn’t be anywhere to fasten it to.