1. Mike8787 says

    I would pay for someone to drop something so this isn’t the 2013 summer anthem. It’s just so…meh.

  2. Casrane says

    @Mike & Phoenix

    Daft Punk’s music has more quality, vision, talent and longevity than any of the garbage most of you nelly queens have the nerve to call “music”.

  3. says

    Personally I prefer George Barnett’s cover than the Daft Punk original. And George not only sings, he played all the instruments and did all the backing vocals himself.

    Check it.

  4. Zeta says

    Dudes, he’s not singing it, it’s just a dub someone made with software. I guess Andy was trying to be funny, or thought it was funny, and someone told him it was the day’s Viral Video.

    You knee-jerk haters are silly, though.