The Daily Show’s John Oliver ‘Gaywatches’ The Boy Scouts, France, Russia, and Pope Francis: VIDEO



  1. gregorybrown says

    People with more opps than I to observe them in the flesh say that many Europeans look/act “gay” from a N. American perspective, whatever their sexual identity or politics may be.

  2. tinkerbelle says

    Yeah, in France, you get the sense that guys are cruising you all the time. Just don’t act on it, because most of them aren’t. It’s just their curious and/or nosy ways. Though I’ve also known more supposedly “straight” and especially married (to women) men here who are on the low down all the time (Sunday seems to be the special day for hook-ups). A LOT of hypocrisy. All that cheek kissing too. My last boyfriend recently got in a relationship with a woman and they even had a kid. He still wants to get it on. I also have met a rather staggering number of guys who have been married, had kids and then took up an entirely gay life. They never have a strong explanation for why they got involved with a woman in the first place, but it always seems in relation to their professional situation.

  3. Seattle Mike says

    The writing team at TDS is one of our most effective allies. Their humor exposes the anti-gay forces for what they are. Brilliant. (And John Oliver has always cracked me up!)

  4. says

    The whole segment was great. Absurdity is the perfect vehicle for capturing the unintentional idiocy of the anti-gay forces, and they did it very effectively, with an underlying sincerity from Oliver (at least how I read it) that Stewart can lack. The audience clearly got it.

  5. Joseph Singer says

    John Oliver most certainly did not disappoint as a fill in for Jon Stewart. Maybe CC will find a show for him like they did for Steven Colbert.

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