Pentagon to Begin Issuing Same-Sex Domestic Partner Benefits on September 1

The Pentagon will begin issueing same-sex domestic partner benefits on September 1, the Washington Times reports:

PanettaThe dependents’ ID cards will entitle partners to scores of benefits, as outlined by then-Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta in a February policy decision.

The ID card Web notice refers to same-sex domestic partners as “SSDPs.”

The benefits include education, survivor, commissary, travel, counseling and transportation, but not what some consider the armed forces’ premium perks — health care and housing allowances.

Mr. Panetta said the federal Defense of Marriage Act restricts those benefits to heterosexual couples, though the Pentagon has not ruled out offering them to homosexual couples at some point.

Still, the new benefits and special ID cards represent a victory for the gay rights movement in the wake of President Obama’s lifting the long-time ban on open homosexuals in the ranks.

An Army National Guard posting appeared to confirm the Washington Times report.


  1. Michael Bedwell says

    Why have so many become content with a few crumbs at a time? Why is no one asking, “Why not ALL benefits NOT banned by DOMA?” [You wanna live in free married family housing like the straight folks? Too bad. You wanna be buried next to your military spouse in Arlington like any straight wife or husband can? So sorry, No.] And, “Why not TODAY?” All—not just those promised months away—non-DOMA banned benefits AND how to extend them were … wait for it … drum roll…identified by the Pentagon THREE YEARS AGO [according to their own 2010 report]. This is just DOD SOP for The Gays….and The Gays salaried “Leaders” in DC just sit back and take it like good little puppies—after all—THEY don’t need to worry about equal treatment in the military because they aren’t IN the military. With the implementation of DADT in 1994 [which was really nothing more than rewriting paperwork because they’d already been banning gays for 50+ years] it took just 40 days to “train” the forces But it took them nine months to “train” the for its elimination. Imagine another Pearl Harbor…..would it take today’s Pentagon more than *a year and a half to get their act together to respond? [*The time that’s passed since repeal implementation.] Candidate Obama promised SIX YEARS AGO that work on this, not just repeal, would start “the day I take office.” But more and more we see the checks he writes are very hard to get cashed. Pie in the sky. Pie in the sky.

  2. Will says

    Its should read: Pentagon to Begin Issuing SOME Same-Sex Domestic Partner Benefits on September 1 and NOT The Important Ones.

    Such some and mirrors. They are minor benefits that many don’t need and all work around DOMA so the important ones like partner/spouse Health Insurance and access to retirement plans are still forbidden.

    Smoke and Mirrors and Crumbs

    Victory my ass.

  3. cubscoutii says

    Will they to pay an imputed tax for their partners benefits like non-military same-sex couples?