1. says

    LaBarbera and Barber both have a LOT of kids.

    And they’re, of course, vehemently against abortion.

    So, they’re taking a page from the Rick Warren Playbook – they’re hoping to make two things happen:
    1. convince people that they themselves are not gay.
    2. drive their own gays kids to suicide so they don’t have to live with the shame of having a kid who ever defies them

  2. Lucas H says

    He almost forgot to add the “age-old” line.
    “Redefining the inst… redefining the AGE-OLD institution of marriage….”
    Just sayin.

  3. Rexford says

    The signs were a good idea, but HRC should have hired a hunky construction worker to do some demolition work in the background with a very loud jackhammer.

  4. CPT_Doom says

    @MateoM – I swung by the protest on my way back to my office in DC, and was even more surprised at the turnout than I expected to be. That is, I figured the crowd would be small, I didn’t expect that the crowd would be about 2 dozen people, and that the chosen protest site would be blocked on two sides by construction. Clearly no one from the hate groups though to scope the site out beforehand.

  5. John Normile says

    How about a counter protest in front of their headquarters? Oh right, it’s probably a secret location or one that is not accessible…

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