Pope Francis Urges French MPs to Reject ‘Fashions of the Time’ (Like Gay Marriage?)

In what is being seen as a reference to the recently passed law legalizing same-sex marriage, Pope Francis told a group of French MPs to resist "fashions of the time" in legislation, AFP reports:

Francis“Your role… consists in proposing laws, amending them or even repealing  them,” the pontiff told a delegation of MPs from France, adding that it is
“necessary… to inject them with something more, a spirit, a soul which does not just reflect fashions and ideas of the time.”    The laws should “provide the indispensable quality which raises and  ennobles the human person,” the 76-year-old said.

The remark comes a day after he spoke with the Archbishop of Canterbury about promoting family values "based on marriage" yet neglected to include divisive language referring to marriage as between a man and a woman.