Pope Francis Urges French MPs to Reject ‘Fashions of the Time’ (Like Gay Marriage?)

In what is being seen as a reference to the recently passed law legalizing same-sex marriage, Pope Francis told a group of French MPs to resist "fashions of the time" in legislation, AFP reports:

Francis“Your role… consists in proposing laws, amending them or even repealing  them,” the pontiff told a delegation of MPs from France, adding that it is
“necessary… to inject them with something more, a spirit, a soul which does not just reflect fashions and ideas of the time.”    The laws should “provide the indispensable quality which raises and  ennobles the human person,” the 76-year-old said.

The remark comes a day after he spoke with the Archbishop of Canterbury about promoting family values "based on marriage" yet neglected to include divisive language referring to marriage as between a man and a woman.


  1. JONES says

    The laws should ‘provide the indispensable quality which raises and ennobles the human person.’

    Unless they are LGBT humans. Right Francis?

    Gonna deliver this message to the family of Clement Meric yourself Francis? Gonna be able to look them in the eyes and pretend his blood is not on your hands?

    Organized religious hierarchy are the greatest source of evil in the world today.

  2. RMc says

    When did the people of France elect/vote him into office? Oh that’s right, they didn’t. The French MP’s are only BY LAW accountable to the tax paying people of France not some parasitic unelected Pope who has blood on his hands.

  3. yuninv says

    Here are some other “Fashions of the Time” that the Catholic Church have encouraged their flock to avoid through-out history…

    “The World is Round.”
    “The Earth Revolves around the Sun.”
    “Condoms lowers risk of STDS.”
    “Catholic Priests have abused children.”

  4. Geoff says

    Please. If it isn’t 3000 years old. it’s a “fashion of the times”. One wonders how he feels about modern medical advances. Oh, THAT’S different. I see.

  5. Chadd says

    Much like the GOP, Catholicism Inc. believes that embracing extreme positions will help them grow their shrinking base. In reality, all it does is drive people further away. Who cares what PF says because the people who believe every word he says are not our allies anyway. None of our true supporters will be influenced by his words.

  6. simon says

    A MP votes in a way reflecting the will of the people or “fashion of the times” and not according to some edicts from a dying and corrupt institution.

  7. Rexford says

    uhh … Did he also tell them to reject the spate of extreme right-wing, neo-nazi fascism that’s been inflicting hate and violence upon gay citizens in France, which has become so “fashionable” of late?

  8. simon says

    Those MP’s seeing the Pope must be from the right wing party. They have done exactly what the Pope said and voted along their party line. That’s is the reason they are out of fashion and not in power.

  9. Jim says

    What’s the pope doing talking to members of a democratically elected parliament? He’s the dictator of a tiny fascist state in which democracy plays no part at all. French MPs, tell this tin-pot tyrant to stuff it. Don’t give dictators of any kind the time of day.

  10. What, no Latin? says

    ….and another desperate attempt to hang on to relevance in the 21st century.

    Back in the fifties the RC church drove out its theologians who were developing quite a taste for existentialist thought. Then in the sixties they turned the altar around and dropped the Latin mass. They know they are on the way out.

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