Prominent Blogger Says At Least 3 Anti-Gay Members Of Congress Are Gay; One Will Be Outed Soon

IMG_0512Mike Rogers, a blogger who gained fame in the mid 2000s by "outing" prominent anti-gay politicians, says he currently knows of three anti-gay members of the U.S. House of Representatives who are themselves gay. U.S. News reports:

Rogers refused to say when he might disclose information on these members or what might provoke such a revelation, maintaining that as a journalist he holds some cards close to the vest.

But Rogers said he's about to get his hands on concrete evidence that one anti-gay member of Congress engages in gay sex. "Oh, it's going to happen because it has been happening for a long time," he said.

The blogger's most high-profile triumphs include the 2004 revelation that then Rep. Ed Schrock (R-VA) was leaving voicemails on a gay hook-up service, prompting the two-term congressman to retire. In October 2006 he wrote that three men informed him they had sex with then Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID) in bathrooms at Union Station. Before making his allegations against Craig public, two of his three sources signed affidavits saying they would come forward if Rogers was taken to court. 

If his previous track record is any indication, these new revelations are sure to make waves once the cat is out of the bag. Let the speculation commence. 


  1. Derrick from Philly says

    All right, David Hagatha Hearne, the masquerade is over. The end is near, bytch.

  2. Jason says

    Like the clergy the US Senate & House have been ideal hiding places …right in front of everyone, leading a double life. Guys the gig is up….FINALLY we’re going to begin to swing the closet doors open.

  3. ripper says

    If you think this is happening, you haven’t been paying attention. Mike Rogers has been touting this 3 congressmen crap for years. It’s been covered on this very site. He has no evidence… he even says so in the article. It’s just strangers who email him and say they’ve had sex with congressmen.

    Don’t hold your breath.

  4. robroy says

    The article says House. Otherwise I’d bet it all on my two Senators- Graham and Scott. Both ‘confirmed’ bachelors and defenders of family values.

    In the house I’ll put a fiver on Republican Illionois cover boys Aaron Schock and Adam Kinzinger. And probably atleast one member of the Congressional Black Caucus.

  5. Kevin says

    Ordinarily I don’t condone outing, but when it involves politicians who actively work against our cause, I support it.

  6. Lucas H says

    I thought Larry Craig was outed by getting caught toe-tapping… although I do understand Rogers deserves credit for outing Schrock.
    But I TOTALLY hope one of them is Aaron Shock. I always thought Shock was gay (and good looking). Too bad he’s such a homophobe, though :(

  7. RONTEX says

    Aaron (ab-tastic) Shock, Lindsey (sassy) Graham and John (I cry during sex) Boehner

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    @ robroy:

    who’s the anti-Gay member of the Congressional Black Caucus? I know that Allen West was, but he’s gone.

  9. FernLaPlante says

    There is nothing worse than a self-loathing gay. Out all of them. OUT EVERYONE!

  10. Seattle Mike says

    Your headline says “One will be outed soon.” But the story says “Rogers refused to say when he might disclose”.

    Which one is it?

  11. says

    I am 100% okay with this. If you want to be in the closet, for whatever reason, more power to you. When you try to take away my rights while you live a lie, then we have a problem. Out them all.

  12. says

    John Barasso is the No. 4 member of the Republican Senate leadership (Chairman, Senate Republican Policy Committee). His sexual orientation is Wyoming’s most open secret.

  13. Francis #1 says

    Rick Scott has MAJOR gayface situation. I know he’s apart of the Senate, but that is no straight man, IMO. He pings big time for me.

    Anyway, I find it sad that we’re still at a stage where being gay is this “Oooh” thing that’s controversial and sordid. But of course, closeted homophobes are part of the reason that’s the case, so I have no issue if they are outed.

  14. Seattle Mike says

    Adam Kinzinger is a good guess. He’s 35, very handsome, and single. Per his website: “his father Rus is a former CEO of two faith-based organizations.” So that would explain being closeted and anti-gay.

  15. BeenThere says

    Too bad it’s only the current House or Senate because Sen. Richard Lugar (R-IN) might have made the cut.

    He cruised the men’s rooms at the Library of Congress at least a couple times in the mid-to-late 80s.

    He was there once getting a beej on his rather large uncut member (which I know because it was given by your humble narrator), and another time waving that thang around for all to see – and hoping for another beej, I guess.

    I’d already done my mercy suck for the elderly that year, so no suck from me…. :)

    He did let a hot black guy do him, so I assume he, and maybe both of them, left happy.

  16. Jason says

    Just because a man has homosexual sex, it doesn’t mean he’s gay. Besides, what does ‘gay’ mean?

  17. Derrick from Philly says

    Oh, my God, the end of the world is near (or my life). I actually agree with Jason about something. Let me get outta’ here.

  18. Charlie says

    Aaron Shock is most definitely gay. It is barely an open secret, but he also isn’t terribly anti gay either….

  19. franklin says

    This sort of bottom-feeding should really be beneath Towleroad, but, alas, you are printing allegations from someone who has made numerous claims over the years – and has either backed down, denied he ever made the claims, or produced zero proof of anything. Rogers obviously misses the limelight since he “retired” from professional outing a few years ago.

  20. EchtKultig says

    “Just because a man has homosexual sex, it doesn’t mean he’s gay.”

    Right. It either means he’s gay, or it means he’s decided he isn’t gay and will sometimes f*ck women to help improve his bruised ego.

  21. EchtKultig says

    Oh I forgot…it could also mean he’s incarcerated in prison, under the influence of mind-altering drugs, or in a British public school. But you know, we wouldn’t gay to be an identity or anything, because we sure don’t mind seeming like we’d _prefer_ to be in these situations.

  22. Put a pretty bow on it says

    This is like waiting for Christmas morning! Three possible gifts, which one will it be? Could we get all three? Oh, the excitement!

    Untie the ribbons, open the package for all to see!

  23. Jay says

    BeenThere? Seriously? Big?

    He must be a tripod then (equal part leg and…). I was in the Hart building last summer and saw a face I knew I had seen before but it took a several seconds to realize it was Lugar. Prior to that I have only seen him at a table like “Meet the Press” or a head and shoulders shot. I was there to meet briefly with Boxer. I swear, I thought she might have been taller than him (I just looked it up, she must have been wearing heels when I met her).

    I wouldn’t even think he would be tall enough to use a glory hole.

  24. Michael says

    Give me a break. It’s a safe bet 4 out of 5 anti-gay Republicans are gay and the 5th one is too old to get it up.

    Graham, Rubio, etc, etc.

  25. Bart says

    If he is absolutely sure there are three, name them and show proof. Period. Facts are facts and if you have the proof these people can’t sue and win.

    Name them. Show proof.

    And then let the fun begin (the Republican ‘Big Tent’ is large enough to have closets.)

  26. Ken says

    Has not Rogers promised big revelations before and failed to deliver? Sure, I hope he has the goods, but he gets a lot of publicity just for saying he has them. Just saying.

  27. Derrick in Philly says

    And just because Little Kiwi has sex with his pit bull doesn’t mean he’s a canine.

  28. Leprechaunvict says

    Aaron Schock and Lindsay Graham for sure. That picture of Schock in his pink gingham shirt, white jeans and teal skinny belt will get a whole new round of press lol…

  29. Phineas says

    Lindsey Graham & Mark Kirk are the most obvious front runners. I sincerely doubt Aaron Schock is gay, sorry guys that’s just wishful thinking/dreaming.

  30. Jay says

    Aaron should have been outed a long time ago. I don’t get why we protect people who harm both themselves and our community. It is truly messed up.

  31. Eric264 says

    Mike Rogers record is stellar. He made his allegations against Larry Craig months before they were picked up by the mainstream media. If he says he knows of 3 members of Congress who are gay, he means it.

  32. Rob says

    Mark Kirk is well known here in Illinois to be gay- it’s what his divorce was over. He supports gay marriage though, and had a stroke, so it might be harder to out him. Joe Solomonese chuckled about it in thinly veiled terms for years.

    I see Mike Rogers using this as leverage to pass ENDA- if you out them and they quit, then they can’t support ENDA and their replacement wouldn’t.

    Mike, I’m a decent looking guy- and I look Republican head to toe. I would be happy to take one for the team and blow a Republican to collect some splooge. A blue tie could be my equivalent of the blue dress. Except Marcus Bachmann – no way there- deal’s off. Can it be one of the Joint Chiefs- maybe in uniform? Would contribute cash to sending a good looking rent boy to seduce them, keeping in mind the very real effects that homophobia in Washington has on gay youths at home.

  33. jamal49 says

    @Francis #1: none of this is about gay being sordid or controversial. It’s about truth and exposing hypocrisy. The controversy only comes from politicians actively trolling for constituents’ votes by being vociferously anti-gay when they, the politicians themselves, are gay.

  34. David Hearne says

    Derrick, Thank you; that made my morning.

    I’ll predict :

    Lindsey Graham (don’t everyone gasp at once)

    Mitch McConnell

    Paul Ryan

  35. David Hearne says

    Damn I forgot about Rubio. Ask yourself this: How did Rubio grow up and live in Florida but there are zero swimsuit pictures of him on the internet?

  36. says

    they deserve to be outed.

    drag them kicking and screaming from the closet, already.

    not ready to Come Out? fine – take your time. but if part of your “I’m not gay” disguise is to adopt the persona of an “anti-gay straight man” then all bets are muthaf***in’ off.

  37. bandanajack says

    i’m glad others have said it. mike rogers has an exemplary record in outing homophobes only with hard evidence in hand. he never bothers those who don’t actively work against our interests, or those only under suspicion. if his comments in advance seem like boasting, it is more likely that doing so is poking as stick in the nest to see what flies out, a standard ploy.