1. Rick says

    I don’t really see anything that gay men with a normal masculine demeanor have to be afraid of.

    And recording songs will do nothing to make effeminate, woman-idolizing behavior acceptable among men, anywhere. In fact, nothing will….and such behavior will continue to be met with the kind of reaction it has always been met with.

  2. says

    yes. and that reaction is love and cheering, as evidenced by the throngs of people who aren’t Bigotty Nitwits and line the Pride Parade routes with love and joy in their hearts :-)

    the song isn’t called “Self-hating Closet Case Who Hates Effeminate Men Because He Has No Balls of His Own”

    the world is changing. you hate effeminate men and use that as your excuse to be a grown adult who won’t come out.

    thankfully, the men you’ve been conditioned to hate don’t live with that kind of cowardly fear. this coming week, in many cities, they’ll be as Out and Proud as usual, only with the song of Pride in their hearts and ears 😀

    all those effeminate gay men out having a blast, and all the “effeminacy-haters” sitting at home, alone, miserably being jealous that they’re not secure enough to join in.

    happy pride, rick!