Rep. John Fleming Warns of Sham Marriages if DOMA Overturned: AUDIO

On Monday night's Family Research Council show Washington Watch, Rep. John Fleming (R-LA) joined hate group leader Tony Perkins in a conversation about today's SCOTUS marriage decision, Right Wing Watch reports.

FlemingFleming warned that overturning DOMA would lead to sham marriages.

Fleming: But you know, it’s interesting. Humans can be very innovative sometimes and I can actually see where two people of the same sex, even who are not themselves homosexual in any way, could find a way to get married just for the purpose of sharing those benefits and only for practical reasons. So you can see the ramifications if the Supreme Court comes out and allows that.

Perkins: No question about it. And there’s no way to necessarily verify that. What you can then set up is a case where you discriminate against couples who are in some jurisdictions, because if they move their marriage is not recognized. And they could then be treated in a way that’s different than heterosexual couples that are cohabitating. It’s a mess once you go down this path.

Fleming: It is. It would be similar to marrying someone from a foreign country. Is it done for convenience? Did someone pay somebody to be married? I mean you can see how the whole institution of marriage could be demeaned. It could certainly be reduced in its importance and taken off the lofty place that we now hold marriage.

Listen below:

Fleming, of course, is the lawmaker responsible for the recent NDAA amendment expanding "conscious protections" that would allow a "license to bully" in the military based on religious beliefs.