1. SFshawn says

    Great News!
    That closted lesbian witch Gillard has finally melted. Yahoo. Yippee. Bye-Bye.

  2. Jay says

    Congratulations Mr. Rudd. I hope his electoral success, translates into prosperity, equality and peace for all Australians.

  3. Cd in DC says

    just as we learn in dating that being good looking does not make someone interesting, let’s learn just because someone is female doesn’t make her fair or good. So there.

  4. C.J. says

    SUCH WONDERFUL NEWS! When I was in Australia last year, everyone we spoke to just could not stand her. So happy there is a (hopefully) brighter future for Australia!!!

  5. UFFDA says

    The witch of the Southern Cross has lost her broomstick, now upside down down under.

  6. woody says

    she was like chris christie in new jersey: one person holding back progress for a whole country.

  7. Rick says

    “just as we learn in dating that being good looking does not make someone interesting, let’s learn just because someone is female doesn’t make her fair or good. So there”

    And just how pathetic is it that most gay men actually have to learn and/or be taught this?

    Where on earth did this idea come from that women are our allies of feel any special affinity for us or are inherently “fair” or “good”, while men are inherently “unfair” or “bad”?

    You see, this mindset is one of the key defining characteristics of the culture of effeminacy and its myriad twisted ideas……all based on the bizarre tendency of effeminate gay men to idolize women.

  8. says

    and yet, hating women hasn’t empowered RICK to be anything more than a pathetically closeted grown-adult who isn’t even man enough to make his statements from a place of visibility.

    long live the culture of effeminacy! keeping insecure losers closeted where they belong :-)

    glad this lady is done with. buh-bye.

    and happy pride my brothers and sisters! may you all get out in the sun and enjoy your time bonding with the communities!

  9. Craig S says

    Rick, apart from the fact that your mythical “culture of effeminacy” is still a giant bag of bulldroppings to begin with, you’re completely wrong as well about gay men idolizing all women.

    You’ll find, for instance, that only the most self-loathing gay man would ever consider voting for the likes of Michelle Bachmann — and if you actually read the comments right here on this very thread, nobody was particularly enthusiastic about Julia Gillard either. And you’ll find that gay men routinely support and admire and even idolize men who support us and defend our rights and respect our dignity.

    I mean, it’s true that gay men have a tendency to gravitate toward women rather than men when it comes to listening to pop music — but if you think that extends to always preferring a woman, no matter how heinous, over a man, no matter how capable, as a *political* representative or leader, then that just reveals that you’re a bleeding idiot.

  10. Jollysocks says

    As good as it is to have Kevin Rudd back in power, his party is facing a very tough election in a couple of months and conservative Tony Abbott is expected to win. Contrary to this article, Tony Abbott is not going to allow a conscious vote on this issue, meaning that Australia is going to be at least a few more years away from marriage equality.

  11. Barca says

    Talking with an Australian friend yesterday (fresh of the plane so to say) he was the previous party leader, was voted out and vowed he wouldn’t seek a return to power. Yet, he lead the revolt to remove her from power many years later. He said there was now distrust for him as a leader to go back on his promise to not do the same to her what she did to him. What this says in terms of SSM (with his support)…who knows, but my friend didn’t seem overly enthusiastic it would pass.

  12. Aussie54 says

    I agree, Barca. The only good thing about Rudd was his sudden endorsement for equal marriage. Unfortunately, that endorsement could disappear just as quickly as it appeared.