SCOTUS Strikes Down Law Forcing Health Organizations to Make Anti-Prostitution Pledge to Get AIDS Funding

The Supreme Court has struck down a law forcing health organizations to publicly oppose prostitution in order to receive AIDS funding, the AP reports:

RibbonFour organizations that work in Africa, Asia and South America challenged the 2003 law, arguing their work has nothing to do with prostitution.

The Obama administration argued it is reasonable for the government to give money only to groups that oppose prostitution and sex trafficking because they contribute to the spread of HIV and AIDS. It said that public money then could free up private funds that might be spent in a way that would undermine the government’s mission.

But the 6-2 decision said the pledge “goes beyond preventing recipients from using private funds in a way that would undermine the federal government.”

“It requires them to pledge allegiance to the government’s policy of eradicating prostitution,” he wrote. That, Roberts wrote, the government cannot do.

Scalia and Thomas were the dissenting justices.


  1. Moz's says

    “…prostitution and sex trafficking because they contribute to the spread of HIV and AIDS…”

    CRIMINALIZATION of sex work contributes

    decriminalization and REGULATION with taxation would contribute to curtailing the spread while also saving tons in tax payers money and bringing in tons of tax payer money to government coffers

    criminalizing something that has existed for all of human history and has even been seen in monkey social groups (prostitution for food etc) is like shaking ones fist at the sun. You only look like a fool and the sun does not care

  2. Buck says

    To be fair most of the push to be more restrictive with funds and aggressive about how they are spent has more to do with CHILD prostitution and CHILD sex-trafficking being a big focus the last few years.

    That being said, AIDS funding has got to be the biggest scam anyway.

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