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Simon Cowell Egged During 'Britain's Got Talent' Finale: Video

The judge was pelted with eggs by a woman who suddenly appeared on stage during a performance of "The Impossible Dream" by contestants Richard and Adam Johnson.

Violinist Natalie Holt told The Telegraph why she did it: “I basically took a stand against people miming on television and against Simon and his dreadful influence on the music industry."

Watch a video of the egging and another of Cowell's reaction to the surprise attack, AFTER THE JUMP. Holt rushes the stage at the 1:49 mark of the first clip and the tossing begins soon after.

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  1. she should have egged the guys screeching that idiotic arrangement

    Posted by: Sam | Jun 9, 2013 2:02:22 PM

  2. that was looks like she was a musician

    Posted by: mymy | Jun 9, 2013 2:07:32 PM

  3. She just wanted to make an omelet, adding eggs to all that cheese.

    Posted by: Dastius Krazitauc | Jun 9, 2013 2:28:36 PM

  4. I am not sure it was a correct way, but at least she made her point clear.

    Posted by: Matt26 | Jun 9, 2013 2:30:50 PM

  5. Anyone think she'll be a working musician again any time soon?

    Posted by: Lymis | Jun 9, 2013 2:40:27 PM

  6. I'm fairly certain that she doesn't know the meaning of the word "miming."

    Posted by: Paul R | Jun 9, 2013 2:45:50 PM

  7. She's as dumb as a box of hair. She admitted it was all a publicity stunt for the string quartet she plays in but all she's done is torch that string quartet's career, made an ass of herself and probably open herself up to legal problems.

    Posted by: Henry Holland | Jun 9, 2013 3:09:24 PM

  8. This should have happened a long time ago. Simon is an idiot.

    Posted by: Gast | Jun 9, 2013 3:10:43 PM

  9. LOL @ Dastius.

    Posted by: daws | Jun 9, 2013 3:57:09 PM

  10. ROFL at the comments. Made my day.

    Posted by: Guest | Jun 9, 2013 4:17:33 PM

  11. Cowell's goal is to preserve the music industry status quo in the face of overwhelming pressure from the Internet is due for some egg throwing. God knows we don't need middlemen trying to manufacture talent like Hostess Twinkies on an assembly line anymore.

    Posted by: anon | Jun 9, 2013 4:25:22 PM

  12. Stunt queen antics, probably with Cowell's permission.

    Posted by: Zeta | Jun 9, 2013 4:32:12 PM

  13. I was hoping that security guy was going to tackle her with an amazing our-plunk to the stage. Although the two singers were doing their best (which wasn't that good) she totally ruined their act.

    Here in America, of course, Security would have drawn their guns and fired before the first egg was thrown and justified the act by claiming the judges were in eminent danger.

    Posted by: Mike Ryan | Jun 9, 2013 4:50:52 PM

  14. She is a publicity hungry fool- the guys singing are very professional I'm surprise they did not freak out.

    Posted by: jaragon | Jun 9, 2013 5:54:52 PM

  15. Funny. Probably a publicity stunt. Wouldn't even have heard about the finale or singers otherwise.

    Singer on the right is adorable...those eyes! Swoon.

    Posted by: AriesMatt | Jun 9, 2013 5:55:40 PM

  16. "Please try back soon."

    Posted by: Randy | Jun 9, 2013 6:00:33 PM

  17. Do it the French way...shirtless male protesters!!! Yeah!!!

    Posted by: Alan Brickman | Jun 9, 2013 7:56:46 PM

  18. I've got to admit... that was pretty funny. The smile on her face while she was doing it was hilarious for some reason.

    Posted by: Nat | Jun 9, 2013 8:13:21 PM

  19. The two brothers are really good in a talent contest kind of way. However, they stay safe by singing the same song they did during audition. Check out their "Somewhere" rendition.

    Posted by: bambinoitaliano | Jun 9, 2013 8:42:49 PM

  20. Publicity stunt. No way someone could get away with that any other way.

    Posted by: ratbastard | Jun 10, 2013 8:49:27 AM

  21. Shame on her for wasting good food.

    Posted by: Jack M | Jun 10, 2013 9:26:23 AM

  22. that was staged. wouldnt you think that the singers would have reacted a bit differently than just smiling and continuing to sing if some person, unbeknown to them, walks out onto the stage in front of them and starts throwing eggs? I would have at least raised an eyebrow.. or tackled her to the ground. The boys were in on it for sure.

    Posted by: northoftheborderguy | Jun 10, 2013 2:07:50 PM

  23. This was definitely a publicity stunt (with Cowell's permission) in order to boost sagging ratings. Like someone just walked into the studio with a carton of eggs and nobody said anything - yeah right.

    Posted by: Fake | Jun 10, 2013 6:22:54 PM

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