1. Jason says

    I think Snooki sounds fake. I’m not buying her supposedly enlightened attitude.

    Do we really need Italy’s version of Paris Hilton stanning for our causes, albeit on a part-time basis? Importantly, I want to know if she was paid to turn up.

  2. Josh says

    She is not Italy’s version of Paris Hilton. Snooki is from Honduras or some Central American Country. Get your facts right!

  3. JD says

    Saying you want your child to be gay is no different than saying you want her to be straight…an enlightened parent would hope for a healthy, happy child regardless of sexual orientation. Snooki needs to go climb back under the rock she crawled out from under.

  4. Jack M says

    I hope none of her kids are gay. Sad enough that she was allowed to breed in the first place.

  5. Rowan says

    She isn’t enlightened, she is genuine. Like a lot of straight mothers, she doesn’t want her son to bring a woman home so she will compete for the no 1 spot in his life. Typical and nothing new.

  6. Neil says

    I see her remarks at a pathetic attempt to pander to the Trevor Project. She sounds totally unfit to be a parent.

  7. Will says

    Can she just go away? Why would this organization even think of having her speak at one of their events? Why would ANYONE care what this piece of trash has to say?

  8. ratbastard says

    Her tubes should be tied. Her 15 minutes are almost up, then she’ll become a burden on the taxpayer and society. Embarrassing.

  9. Chadd says

    I’m glad Snooki is speaking out in support of the Trevor Project and other gay causes. Even if she is not sincere in her heart (as some suggest) she still has a following and they will listen to her. As far as her wishing for a gay son, I can’t help but think she might consider it to be a fashionable accessory, much like a toy dog kept in her purse.

  10. Macguffin54 says

    I think she meant well, she just doesn’t know how to speak properly. If she isn’t homophobic, and she certainly isn’t heterophobic, then it shouldn’t make any difference to her what her child’s orientation is. It wouldn’t affect her either way. She just wants attention

  11. MM says

    If there is at least one young gay kid that gets to hear someone say that they want to have a gay child versus all the people that they hear every day saying how gay is a sin, then sounds to me that she has done a lot more good today than we all have by posting snarky comments on a blog.

  12. Moz's says

    gay, straight, or bi

    I predict her child/ children will need tons of therapy later in life

    Some people should not be reproducing let alone have access to shaping the mind (environment) of a fellow human being

  13. reality says

    Wow, just accept the fact that she loves the gay community and stop complaining.

  14. Jake says

    She can make him a drag queen if she raises him right. JD sounds like Mr. Goody Two Shoes. I hope he never has access to any children. He’s not having them, that’s for sure.