1. will says

    The problem is this “spoof” has no real connection to the Downton Abbey we watch & love. It’s really about Madonna and Vogue. The Diddy spoof had some style and substance. It was rooted in actual situations in the plot. It reverberated. This thing is just a graceless ripoff.

  2. Tom says

    Funny or Die? Almost always ends up as Die. This spoof was about as base as it comes; and Will is spot on. This was not about Downton Abbey, it was about everything else. Oh drag queens, everything’s always about you, isn’t it? 😮

  3. Eric Gonzalez says

    Wow! Goes to show you that’s some of these Drag Queens have are lacking more substance than I ever thought possible. sorry Gurls, D.A. Has more style than you ever will in your borish video.

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