1. Brent says

    Isn’t he stereotyping us by associating us with the theater profession? I also don’t trust Huffington Post. It’s a homophobic web site.

  2. Ed says

    I’m sure the homophobes are shaking in their boots. Why doesn’t Namath come out? Whatever happened to Joey Heatherton? Weren’t they dating? Looks like anyone who’s every got a BJ is coming out of the woodwork.

  3. Dearcomrade says

    Joe Namath is 70 years old. I was bemused by his Theater and arts comments, but understand the generation he is from. I thank him for his support of equality and it only confirms the regard I have always held him in as a professional athlete.

    On a shallower note, Broadway Joe was some hot s%$t back in the day. When he married the headline of the New York Daily news was 4 large words, “Namath Marries Woman Weep”

  4. robroy says

    He’s not stereotyping by saying gays are in theater. He is specifically stating he has worked shoulder to shoulder with gays in theater and has love for them. Good lord are we really going to rip apart every person who doesn’t say exactly what we want when we want????

  5. Lance says

    It’s not stereotyping if he has gay friends who he met during his time spent working in theater….
    I swear some of you WANT to think everyone secretly hates you. “Get over it.”

  6. JONES says

    Thanks Joe!
    You’re the first Super Bowl winning quarterback to give voice of support for equality. Much appreciated.

    If my thinking is correct there are 28 other living Super Bowl winning quarterbacks (Unitas passed 2002). Would be fun to see how many others we can add to this list now that it’s started.

  7. Francis #1 says

    Awesome, thanks Joe! Joe did a lot of acting, some theater and a couple movies as well. He also loved the Manhattan nightlife when he was in the NFL. So he’s been around gay people much of his life and it isn’t an issue for him. Good for Joe! Goes to show how powerful awareness can be to a persons psyche, and that simply existing around people who are gay can and often does lead to acceptance.

  8. jeff says

    I think that he probably met “out” gay folks in his work on TV and Broadway and movies. More so than in Football. I think that was what he meant.

  9. Rocco says

    I have loved Broadway Joe since I was a kid. Sexy as hell. We should welcome all who support us.

  10. Jerry says

    Joe’s face is holding on to his skull remarkably well. I’m proud that he hasn’t had any work done.

  11. Cubear says

    “Broadway Joe” was a handsome hero for kids growing up in New York City back in the day! And he still is… Love you Joe!!
    PS: If you get the chance try to find the clips of Joe N. on the Flip Wilson Show when Joe meets Geraldine! PRICELESS

  12. Kevin says

    “And if you’ve got a hangup about it, I hope you can get over it because it’s real.”

    Love the way he puts it. Doesn’t matter what you believe, people are gay, period. They aren’t going to change. You aren’t going to eradicate the gay. The responsibility is on YOU to learn how to deal with it. (Well not “you” but homophobes.)

  13. Robert says

    Some of Joe Namath’s old shirtless/pantsless photos on the internet are too hot to be believed. LOVE that he seems like a nice guy on top of it and not a clueless old has-been.