1. AG says

    The Daily Show need to hire some queer writers and stop trying to have it both ways. On the one hand, they explicitly position themselves as straight allies. On the other hand, they do these little queerbaiting/gay panic bits which play on absurd stereotypes.

  2. TK says

    Thanks, AG. I agree with your comment about the show trying to have it both ways. Their approach is meant to be ironical (e.g., they’re in on how stereotypical their main gag is and, in essence, above that sort of thing), but the skit only works to reproduce the (very dated) stereotype.

  3. Greg says

    AG, do you actually know the orientation of the Daily Show’s current writing staff? They have a large writing staff who don’t appear on camera during the show, and they’ve definitely had some gay comedians working there before. And most out gay male comedians I’m aware of play on gay stereotypes as part of their humor.

    It’s a political satire show. The republicans scare monger about gay rights and make absurd doomsday predictions about a future where gays have been granted more equal rights. In pieces like this the Daily Show is mocking the absurdity of that scare mongering and those predictions.