1. lukefromcanada says

    oh he just completely clueless isn’t he? the federal govt which covers issues of immigration and the military, has been effectively forbidden from doing the very things that he says they can do. If they tried they would not be able to get away with it.

  2. Chris says

    “Where you have bakers and florists and photographers forced to participate in same-sex marriages”, that’s anti-discrimination laws you moron.

  3. JMC says

    lmao he’s so angry and stupid, he doesn’t even realize the calls of action he’s proposed could never happen and that same sex marriage has nothing to do with those businesses being made to serve gay customers.

    I hope these videos keep coming! They’re giving me so much life

  4. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    Some churches are just fine with same-sex marriages. I thought the government was prohibited by the Constitution from establishing one religion over another.

  5. Geoff says

    If parents are teaching their own children things that are inconsistent with reality then it’s actually a form of child-abuse…and those children should be removed from that home and placed in an honest, loving environment. Makes a lot of sense to me.

  6. says

    All those bakers and florists and photographers just gave one another the “Girl If only you had a clue” pouty smile with the eye roll that goes with it.

  7. Jim says

    This is the same kind of screwed-up, knuckleheaded non-thinking that lost the right-wingers DOMA and Prop 8 to begin with. People saw this coming: the right-wing is dominated by crappy, ill-trained lawyers who think like the dime-a-dozen graduates of Liberty University law school and Regent University law school. They don’t understand the secular law; they only understand their wacky religious ideology which gets them nowhere in a court of law. Keep losing, dummies.

  8. lukefromcanada says

    to give the pro-doma side credit, their chief lawyer has very good credentials, georgetown, oxford and yale but the fact is when push comes to shove a great lawyer cannot argue an unwinnable case

  9. JONES says

    He wants a theocracy. Like Iran. Right Tony? You see yourself on the Ayatollah’s Ruling Council? Head of Human Rights like Marco Feliciano in Brazil? Like the Orthodox Priests in Georgia screaming ‘kill them’ at Pride marchers? Gonna fundraise with Pastor Fred Hartley for Uganda to ‘kill the gays’? This is the mind of your God Tony?

  10. jsb says

    About Tony Perkins, “Oh, I believe everything that he says.”

    I state with heavy sarcasm.

  11. simon says

    Of course most bakers and florists are happy to get more business. He thinks most of them are religious nuts?

  12. Pogovio says

    Unfortunately, according to HRC lawyers, Perkins is somewhat right about there being some leeway for the federal govt still to not recognize legal same-sex marriages. Of the 1100 federal benefits for married couples, some of them determine marital status by the “state of celebration” and some by “state of residence”. So a gay couple legally married in one state may lose some federal benefits after moving to another state.

    I have heard conflicting stories regarding social security, but that may be one of the benefits dependent on state of residence. Some of these distinctions are matters of policy, and some are matters of law. Those that are matters of law will probably be with us until the day the Supreme Court overturns the other section of DOMA, and requires all 50 states to give full faith and credit to gay marriages licensed by another state.

  13. says

    Yeah, how many bakers, photographers, florists will turn down the business exactly ?

    Seriously, how many will not want the business ?….( for Jesus.)
    Tony give me a list of those who have actually, in real life, (not you fantasy hole) turned down the business ?

    What an oaf.

  14. says

    @ Pogovio.

    yes, that’s what I’m afraid of. Under Section 2 States can still refuse to recognise another state’ s marriage.

    Does this mean that a State can still refuse to recognise a foreign, say Netherland’s marriage ?
    If so the fight is only beginning.

  15. gr8guyca says

    To modify Churchill’s quote,

    “Now this is not the end. But it is, the end of the beginning.”

  16. Mike says

    You can tell what his real concern is: churches losing their tax exempt status. Everything else is just blowing smoke.

  17. says

    @gr8guyca :

    Give us the whole quote, it’s better:

    “This is not the end.
    This is not the beginning of the end.
    But it is perhaps the end of the beginning.”

  18. Gigi says

    “Where you have bakers and florists and photographers forced to participate in same-sex marriages…” He makes it sound as though they were forced at gunpoint to skip down the aisle throwing flower petals or made to carry the bride’s train. They were not “forced to participate!

    Aaron Klein, one of the bakers who refused to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple because it went against his “deeply held religious beliefs” later showed his true colors. When approached by an undercover reported and asked to make cakes for various occasions he had NO PROBLEM making a cake for a Divorce Party or an I’m Having A Baby Out of Wedlock party. So he’s a hypocrite and a cherry-picking bible bigot. Yup, a Xtian.

  19. Mike says

    Am always disgusted and stunned at the outrageous antics of the hateful Tony Perkins and his ridiculous scare tactic comments. However, now he is just flailing about, grasping for ANYTHING. ANYTHING AT ALL! “There’s still room in this opinion . . . ” and ” . . . as it pertains to immigration and maybe in the military to define marriage as the union of a man and a woman. So this is far from over.” No. DOMA is DEAD you batsh*t crazy twit! Furthermore, this court ruling and that of Prop 8 are only the beginning of the avalanche that will thankfully kill reprehensible dinosaurs like you . . .

  20. Randy says

    Churches and religious institutions NEED to lose their tax exempt status….they are getting for free what the rest of us have to pay for in taxes, but yet they want a say in government…..what parasites churches are!!

    Tony Perkins is just another self-hating closeted gay man who makes a living out of saying horrible things. The ones who protest the most about gay people , are usually the biggest closet queens. Tony and his followers, and his “god” are pathetic!

  21. GRiveraG says

    GAYS AND LESBIANS OUGHT TO BE MAD AS HELL! Prop 8 passed and stopped marriages – then later to be found “unconstitutional”?!?!?! HOW?!?! How in the heck did it get to where a human being can be treated like an outcast? Or worse – our taxes are required but no justice for you! How did an “unconstitutional piece of law get past so many people – including the Supreme Court?!?!

    This is a pathetic part of history in America! And all for a make believe god who these people continue to speak about and yet have no evidence but hate, threats and fear. I am fed up with these people and will do I can to make sure they lose their past power for a more loving world. It can never happen with religious influence.

  22. Jerry6 says

    When is the Reverend Perkins going to wake up to the fact that many Gay people (For whatever reasons) actually believe in the “GOD” nonsense and go to Church every week, and put money in the collection plate? With Church attendance dropping every week, one would expect the Churches to welcome these new wedded families and their adopted or surrogate children to their Sunday services. As the old saying goes, honey (Welcome) attracts more flies (Money in the collection plate)than vinegar.

  23. Mike Hawk says

    The stay for Prop 8 has been lifted by the 9th Dist Court of Appeals effective IMMEDIATELY. Same-sex marriage can resume today. So much for Tony Perkins saying this isn’t over. He’s nothing but a big bag of bigoted wind. Now it’s time for him and others like him Brian Brown) to get real jobs.

  24. RexT says

    I hope Perkins is getting loads of air time – the more the better, he’s worn out, his mind has lost the ability to actually come up with a reasonable or relative factual sentence. His animus is all he’s able to demonstrate as he reaches for the disappearing tools of destruction he’s enjoyed for far to long – his hollow lies. The legacy of shame he has created and continues to create, well, it’s all his.