Towleroad Talking Points: A Day After Equality’s Big Day

PHOTO OF THE DAY: A proposal to celebrate the death of DOMA 


A look back at today's top stories


A day after yesterday's historic day at the Supreme Court reactions are still being proclaimed and shock waves are still being felt. As bills to officially kill DOMA have been introduced in Congress, gay rights activists are celebrating. Rapper and very prominent gay rights activist Macklemore praised the rulings while admitting there is still a lot to be done. He is one smart man. Also now that Justice Roberts helped send Prop 8 back to California, his gay cousin is getting married

The anti-gay activists continue to pout over yesterday's defeats, chief among them Michele Bachmann who along with other gay haters held a press conference that amounted to a lot of hot air. Chick-Fil-A's Dan Cathy is very sad about the ruling but it's nothing that a little fried food shouldn't help. And while Chris Christie believes that the Supreme Court was "inappropriate" and "wrong",  John Boehner has no plans for a new DOMA-like bill




YouTube is celebrating Pride Month with a video dedicated to its best gay-related moments. A pro-equality Prime Minister is set to take office in Australia and as Edie Windsor puts her support behind Christine Quinn, Anthony Weiner tried to use last night's celebratory mood to gain some voters at Stonewall. 



Yesterday's big news got big coverage on the night time news shows. Rachel Maddow took a comprehensive look at how the rulings will immediately effect lives. The Daily Show celebrated "Judgment Gay" and Stephen Colbert tried to wrap his head around how super gay the Constitution is now


  1. says

    We all wn the first round, but Rep tim Huelskamp, R-KS is saying he intends to draft an amendment to the Constitution that would ban gay marriage at the Constitutional level! I don’t care what your orientation is, this is not an issue you can afford to ignore, or lose! Who’s next if we let this one go without a fight? I may be a conservative Libertarian Member of Log Cabin Republicans and GOProud, but I know hypocrisy when I see it! I wrote this article, “Why the GOP needs to continue to lose.” If they let Tim Huelskamp speak for the RNC, they are done! however, I will never go back to the Democrat Party who will wear the LGBT community like cocktail party jewelry!

  2. dean says

    oh poor D Buell. Can’t get a party to give him enough jewelry to satisfy his republican greed. What? Yo Mamma and big daddy write you out of their will because of the Ghey ‘Stench’ you reek of? Cause you know; Thats what your conservative hero Scalia called you: A stench across Anerica.

    Tell you what: We democrats don’t want you or your opinion, you spend too much time gobbling up Faux News and lying to yourself.

    The Democratic Party has done more for LGBT rights in the past 15 years than those ‘other guys’ have ever done. In FACT they have done nothing.

  3. says

    Hmmmm, Sam, Julian, Kyle….all new hosts /writers of articles on this Blog…..

    Excellent !
    More voices, more opinions, more strength. We will need it all.
    And we want to see pics of you guys too, so why not post a profile of all the newbies ?????

  4. says

    isn’t Huelskamp’s proposed Amendment in the;
    “Ban blacks and whites marrying”
    “Let’s bomb France”
    category ?

    That is the insane bitter little-Hitler school of jurisprudence.

  5. Donald says

    I held a press conference too. In mine, I farted into the microphone for five minutes. Not surprisingly, mine was more thoughtful, rational and compassionate than Bachman’s.