1. says

    “aiding the enemy”, eh?

    Care to share the specifics of that? No? Didn’t think so.

    tis very easy to sit and scream “he’s an unpatriotic traitor!”

    much harder to cite any specifics that explicitly detail what, in the information leaked, was traitorous on HIS part, and put “American lives at risk”.

    but i know some of you insist that he has, so i’ll leave it up to you to provide those specifics in explicit detail.

    thanks in advance.

    long live the whistleblowers.

  2. LincolnLounger says

    It’s too bad the death penalty was taken off the table. If you want to be an activist, don’t volunteer for the United States armed forces. I hope the traitor rots in prison.

  3. says

    Kiwis the info include US military battle plans, personal info, information gained from enemy combatants, and info on our forgien allies. This “man” is a traitor and a disgrace to the gay community he should be strapped to a pole and shot at sunrise.

  4. bructer says

    I think it would be more prudent to wait for the facts then to exonerate or convict him, I just hope the gov’t will be forth coming with the truth, which they seem to have a problem with. If he indeed put peoples lives in danger, please explain, if he did not then dishonorably discharge him,he clearly broke regs in the military, but does that deserve a life sentence? Three years without a trail is unquestionable way to long. Could the gov’t not move any slower, it seems when they want to go slow they just drag things out. If we don’t comply immediately when they want us to do something we get penalized, fined and who knows what.Lets get to the facts, and move on let him get his life back if he dis-serves it. If he is innocent who do you repay him for 3 years of his life. Innocent till proven guilty everyone remember that, it seems to only apply to the gov’t.

  5. says

    I have little sympathy for this man. When I served, I hate Top Secret information regarding our ICBM’S as a security officer. If I had thought that nuclear war was against humanity and had released what I knew, would have have been alright? No. He knew what he was doing. Now the consequences. He is an embarrassment to the gay community.

  6. Dana says

    Manning is not gay. S/he is a tranny. Despicable shemale who betrayed his oath and put diplomacy – the best alternative to war – at risk. Without even bothering to read them, he leaked hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables that had nothing to do with any alleged wrongdoing or any war.

    Trannies tend to be deceitful, reactionary, and incredibly anti-progressive. It is no surprise that “Breanna” Manning, as he likes to be called, would attack diplomacy and thus further the cause of war.

    Hope he gets a life sentence.

  7. Sean in Dallas says

    “We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks” is a terrifically interesting film about Julian Assange’s rise and fall, and the depth of Manning’s breakdown that appears to be at the core of his motivation.

    About the only thing that’s clear is that the morality of the leaks is ambiguous at best. To say Manning should be put to death before he’s even been tried is shockingly un-American. And from someone who evokes Lincoln, no less!

  8. says

    He should be released immediately and the kangaroo court aborted.

    Manning was kept naked for over a year and spent the rest of the time in solitary……and all because the military asserted he was on suicide watch……a catch-all phrase used to breach the human rights of anyone with whom they disagree.

    Now who exactly did he aid ?
    What enemy, where and on what date did he aid such an enemy?
    These charges all smack a bit vague……shouldn’t the military just charge him with “pissing us off” ?
    That sounds more like what he did.

    And you armchair patriots, spare us the bile……and go fly your little flags, and play with your little dicks while orgasming about the death penalty.

  9. says

    Manning is a hero and a patriot in my book. We live in an age where the civil liberties our forefathers fought so hard for are being eroded by the day. Freedom of Press, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly are mere ghostly images of their original intent. We’ve woken up to an Orwellian Society of Fear where anyone is at the mercy of being labeled a terrorist for standing up for rights we took for granted just over a decade ago. Read about how we’re waging war against ourselves at

  10. says

    Brandt, thank you for not only your incisive comment but for putting your money where your mouth is with that link and that blog of yours. KUDOS.

    to the trolls who keep saying he’s a traitor – again, citations and specifics, please.

    without ’em your words are beyond worthless.

  11. Yeek says

    Bradley, I think you meant well. But I hope you understand why releasing classified information can be dangerous for your fellow soldiers and citizens and why it has to be taken incredibly seriously. I really hope you can demonstrate that you acted thoughtfully and with EXCELLENT reason to believe your actions could not harm anyone (other than someone’s pride). Otherwise…well. Reasons are not always excuses.

  12. Bill Perdue says

    Manning is a hero. Obama and the Clintons want him punished for exposing their crimes and those of the Bushes.

    “Manning fulfilled his legal duty to report war crimes. He complied with his legal duty to obey lawful orders but also his legal duty to disobey unlawful orders.
    Section 499 of the Army Field Manual states, “Every violation of the law of war is a war crime.” The law of war is contained in the Geneva Conventions.
    Article 85 of the First Protocol to the Geneva Conventions describes making the civilian population or individual civilians the object of attack as a grave breach. The firing on and killing of civilians shown in the “Collateral Murder” video violated this provision of Geneva.

    Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions requires that the wounded be collected and cared for. Article 17 of the First Protocol states that the civilian population “shall be permitted, even on their own initiative, to collect and care for the wounded.” That article also says, “No one shall be harmed . . . for such humanitarian acts.” The firing on rescuers portrayed in the “Collateral Murder” video violates these provisions of Geneva.

    Finally, Section 27-10 of the Army Field Manual states that “maltreatment of dead bodies” is a war crime. When the Army jeep drove over the dead body, it violated this provision.

    Enshrined in the US Army Subject Schedule No. 27-1 is “the obligation to report all violations of the law of war.”

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