Twins Raised by Two Moms are Key West High School’s First Valedictorian and Salutatorian Sisters


Erin and Elizabeth Czerwinski were named Valedictorian and Salutatorian of Key West High School in Florida this month, Freedom to Marry reports. They had grade point averages of 4.713 and 4.746.

They are the school's first sisters to take the double top honor, and they were raised by a lesbian couple.

Now, who was saying gay people can't raise children?


  1. JR says

    That’s a lazy comment… if one family can be used to assert that gay people are good parents, then any other family can be used to assert that they’re bad ones. Let’s not be lazy.

  2. tominsf says

    Speaking of numbers… a grade point average of 4.7 on a scale that is traditionally 0 to 4? That’s like the ’11’ on Spinal Tap’s amplifier.

  3. Leo says

    Yes, JR, that’s true, but this serves as a brief form of self-satisfying “told-ya-so” that will inevitably happen regardless and then subside. Enjoy the moment.

  4. tominsf says

    Just to clarify… my comment above about the GPAs is not a criticism of the people involved, but of the education system that has warped the measurement standards.

  5. Ms. Sippi says

    Aren’t we smart? Aren’t we well-behaved? Don’t we fit in nicely? Now can we please have a shred of civil justice and equality? “Oh, wait. Some of them are able to raise really smart kids. OK. Now I like them.” Gag.

  6. Gigi says

    @JR — Now that’s a fanciful interpretation of what was written. Andy wrote, “Now, who was saying gay people can’t raise children?” Which in your head translates to, “if one family can be used to assert that gay people are good parents…” Perhaps you should go back and take a course in reading comprehension. Let’s not be lazy.

  7. Jack M says

    C’mon people, don’t drag this into the mud. It’s just a news story about lesbian parents who raised intelligent children. Please go find some other people to drag through the mud. Good for the moms and good for the kids too!

  8. Michael says

    Many schools have these altered GPA’s. In them, a regular class is a 4.0 whereas an honors or AP class is a 5.0. That makes total sense as those in honors/AP course are often working harder and completely far more rigorous course work. These curse can consequentially be rewarded college credit if the student takes the nationally regulated end of year exams. It is not just some inflated number to make students feel good. It is based on merit. The one fall back of these systems is that they usually give all fine arts classes (choir, band, etc.) a 4.0 rating which can penalize children that are both in all honors classes and the fine arts and hold them back from being valedictorian. Let’s think and educate ourselves before we jump to speak.

  9. EchtKultig says

    “That makes total sense as those in honors/AP course are often working harder and completely far more rigorous course work.”

    Not really. Does a shop class only give you a contribution of 3 because it is easier?

  10. BobN says

    Back in the day, my HS gave GPA points above 4.0 if you took extra classes. My school day started at 7:30 and ended at 4:30. In winter, I never saw the sun on weekdays.

  11. Zeta says

    EchtKultig, it’s just grade inflation for scholarship money. Scholarship money is the difference between getting a degree and having to drop out. It’s also the difference between Top Tier and ‘oh noes no one will ever respect my degree because it came from X College’ — which is a legitimate fear, depending on your networking skills.

    If I remember correctly, there was a point in time where folks b*tched that the Valedictorian had taken ‘easy’ courses to get a 4.0 wasn’t fair to someone else who had taken harder courses to get a 4.0 ( 3.9)… since getting into Top Tier schools meant having a high school pedigree, and some scholarships will only go to valedictorians, parents with influence made a stink for the sake of their ragamuffins’

    I’ve taken AP courses and regular courses, and the claim that AP courses means someone worked harder is bull. It just means you took the course and did the work necessary to get the grade (or paid someone else to do the work necessary to get the grade).

    Your networking skills matter more than your grades. Your drive matters more than your grades.

    Having said all that, congratulations to the sister valedictorians. Now mom and mom don’t have to pay for four years of schooling, and that makes everything worth it.

  12. Mary says

    Regardless of how typical or atypical this couple and their children are, they certainly give a good image to lesbian families. Acceptance becomes easier the more people hear of stories like this. Yes, it takes time to change people’s minds. But the gay community is getting there – one story at a time.

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