1. ratbastard says

    A terrific and powerful ad. Would like to see it here in the States. Well done!

  2. Lucas H says

    Does anyone else find this unintentionally hilarious? I’m sorry! I couldn’t help but start snickering.

  3. says

    What if being gay were a choice? Would it be such a bad choice to make? Black people and Asian people didn’t choose their skin colors, but do we resolve not to discriminate against them because they can’t help being the non-white colors they are?

  4. JMC says

    @David Groff: Obviously two adults choosing to engage in sex together isn’t bad, but most will never see it that way. People are still policing straight women on their sexuality. If POC could choose to be white, you’d better believe that all of them living in the west would have been forced to do so or murdered ages ago. When you’re dealing with bigots, *choosing* to deviate from what they consider the norm is completely unacceptable.

  5. Adam says

    Unless you can prove there’s a gay gene, there is no such thing as being ‘born this way’.

  6. Mike Ryan says

    Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. A little shocking at first but right on the mark. So many children would have wonderful lives if their parents were told their sexual orientation at birth.

  7. Vint says

    @Adam: yes, and since we haven’t located the heterosexual gene, we certainly wouldn’t dream of saying heterosexuals were born that way, either.

  8. John says

    @ Adam, Is there a gene for being left handed? Is there a gene for being stupid?

  9. UFFDA says

    Poor PFLAG down under. That’s the dumbest short video I’ve seen in a long while. It just is.

  10. mundus says

    @Adam: “Unless you can prove there’s a gay gene, there is no such thing as being ‘born this way’.”

    Hmm – you cannot prove there is a single gene that determines height then we are to take it you think being short is a ‘lifestyle choice’?

  11. B STATS says

    WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH! Gays are not born that way! Unless they are freak mutations. Are paedophiles born that way too? HA! It is merely a preference born of the perverted World we live in. It is nothing more than a preffered fetish. Be pro gay all you want. I will NEVER accept you.

  12. B STATS says

    You cannot compare being gay to being black or white, tall or short. Those things are natural phenomena. Being gay is an UNNATURAL choice!

  13. B STATS says

    Being that nature follows a survival of the species law. If a gay gene actually existed (ridiculous) then evolution would have identified it as detrimental and eradicated it long ago. Therefore, the sodomites choose to be that way.

  14. Alex Parrish says

    My, my, the trolls are out in force today. Homosexuality exists in over 600 species but homophobia in only one. Which is unnatural?

  15. David R. says

    The latest science indicates that there are both genetic and epigenetic factors in play when it comes to sexual orientation. More to the point, it’s not under anyone’s control, nor is it negative.