1. Mark says

    Wow. I like good LGBT artists. They come so rare though. I’d buy his album…

  2. Mark says

    Great song, but the video..feh. Do we really need another narrative about the “unobtainable straight guy”? Would have liked the video better if it was — if you’ll forgive the phrase — a straight up love story between two gay men.

  3. Caliban says

    Hmmm. I don’t like the song much (don’t hate it either for that matter) but kind of like the idea of gay love songs that are every bit as cheesy as hetero love songs, kitsch equality.

    Federal recognition of gay marriages AND our own Michael Bolton? We’ve finally arrived!

  4. John says

    They say that the only difference between a gay man and a straight man is a bottle of whiskey…guess that’s not true.

  5. Chuck Mielke says

    Interesting video. I don’t think it’s about the “unobtainable straight guy,” I think it’s a bit more ambiguous. I think it’s about a guy who’s not afraid to be affectionate, even sexual, with another man without getting all wrapped up in gender identity. No, the singer doesn’t get a ltr with his object d’amour but, it seems, he gets a brief tryst. Sometimes, that’s all you need.

  6. Cd in DC says

    i’d wish him luck but with that face and a**, i don’t think he needs it. Blue balls to match my eyes, but happy 4th, y’all.

  7. Eddie says

    I like the song- found myself tapping my foot to it. Steve Grand has a decent voice, and is definitely easy on the eyes. I could personally empathize with the bittersweet theme of the video. Unrequited love is tough.

  8. Jeffrey in St. Louis says

    Great song, Steve, loved it. It makes me want to grab my husband and do a romantic shadow two-step.

  9. bravo says

    Good song. He’s gorgeous, too. The guy crush looks like a younger, smoother Scott Caan, from the homoerotic TV show Hawaii Five O.

  10. JONES says

    LOL @AndyTowle
    Blue balls and heartbreak.

    You fall in love with who you fall in love with, straight or not. No boyfriend but acceptance. Wonder if Steve took this from a personal experience?

  11. GregV says

    This is he first I’ve heard of Steve Grand but the he’s got a good voice and the song’s quality is in the league of some of those American Idol winners’ commercisl hits. Both the lyrics and video are original.
    But so far there are only 484 views on YouTube as I post this comment (I toggled over to my YouTube app to watch it so I could make it 485).

    Update: In the two minutes, I’ve been typing (at 10:49 am ET)it’s gone up to 517 views.

  12. says

    Great Video. Great Song. It was a heart breaker. The straight guy was cool about it and they remained friends. That is the way it should be.

    Hell, straight guys (somewhat innocently like in the video) kiss girls all the time… often the girl is not interested. That does not always warrant a brutal response. I like the tone of the video and song. Cheers!

    We all have crushes on straight buddies and co-workers unfortunately we do not get a chance to show our affections in the real world.

  13. Ken says

    I thought this was just terrific. Sure I wish he’d ended up with the guy, but I can relate to it this way also. It didn’t have a sad ending to me because the straight guy didn’t reject the friendship over it.

  14. Josh says

    Whether the “unattainable straight guy” is a tired narrative or not, this video speaks to the very real experience of countless gay teenage boys, especially here in the flyover states. Who among us didn’t spend most of our teen years tragically in love with our straight best friends? Very well done! Its like seeing a better looking version of my own high-school years!

  15. RONTEX says

    Great video and song, much like my crushes in Texas growing up until I discovered other country boys like me that were gay. I’ll buy his album, good stuff

  16. Dback says

    Max is right–what’s really cool and revolutionary about this video is, though it’s bittersweet that they don’t get together, the straight guy doesn’t have a huge homophobic freak-out and get violent or ugly, which is the cliche reaction. This was realistic, and just a nice little portrait of misread signals. Great production quality (very evocative photography), and Grand has a really nice voice as well as scorching hot good looks. I’m now a fan.

  17. Seattle Mike says

    Unlike so many videos by gay singers, that was exceptionally well done. Took me back to my high school and college days and some frustrating crushes on a couple of straight guys.

    Love the singer (voice AND looks) and the song. Very catchy. Why haven’t we heard about this guy before?

    And I loved the fact that his straight friend didn’t freak out at the end. “Hey, man, don’t worry about it. We’re still friends.”

    Now go fall in love with a gay guy! :-)

  18. JONES says

    ‘Why haven’t we heard about this guy before?’

    Steve just came out today. Did a few covers as Steve Starchild but AAB is his first original music. ‘No more hiding and no plan B’ he says.

    Read his short message at Fortifies the spirit for dealing with all the opposition lunacy when you see the positive effects for people like Steve.

  19. jsh says

    @David – you’re correct the boy in the video is former gay-for-pay ‘porn star’ Taylor from Fratmen/Fratpad. Guess he didn’t get enough $$ for the video to go all the way :-)

  20. Redboy says

    The singer just finished the song without a label or pro video crew. Just the help of his many friends. He just uploaded it yesterday . Certainly made me smile. I like the fact that he didn’t get the boy at the end. How many of us have misread our straight friends cues? Made it more real. And 10 years ago he would have been punched …. We’ve come a long way….and so have our straight friends….

  21. hayson says

    Okay, so I’m not really sure how I feel about this video/song. Part of me is happy to hear some sweet twan-gay country pop singing about drinking whiskey, but it’s a little nauseating at the same time… and I’m reminded of this better song and better video from Vance Joy:

  22. Bill says

    We’ve all been there…nice to see someone willing to tell the story in this way.

  23. Paul says

    So glad I can live in a time when a young, gay artist can sing about his crush on a boy without masking changing every “she” to “he” just to sell it.

  24. Ken says

    Search YouTube for “Steve Starchild” to find a few more videos. That was his stage name prior to coming out with this video.

  25. GregV says

    I checked out his website at
    You can download the album version of this song for $1 or more, and you can “name the price” (no minimum price) to download the radio edit.

  26. leonard says

    interesting song with some pretty hot eye candy. i hope to see great things from this guy.

    And considering the “work” his all-american boy has done at the Fratpad I see a steamy hookup with his All-American Boy sometime down the line when his girl isn’t around.

  27. dattexas says

    Nicely done. It’s about something a lot of gay men have experienced. Doesn’t need to be prettied up.

  28. Seattle Mike says

    Not only can this guy sing, he plays keyboard. Not just a pretty face at all.

  29. bandanajack says

    loved it, bought it, lived it.

    i didn’t have a thing for straight guys, quite a few over the years wound up hung up on me, which was very confusing for both of us. nothing to keep me warm at night now, but some damn fine memories.

    affectionate straight guys will never understand what they do to us gay guys…

  30. Frank says

    Not a bad song. Though, I’ve always had issues with the way the term All-American is used in the gay community, due to the fact that is often used as another word for white.

  31. steve says

    as hard as it is for me not to feel jealous of his talent, good-looks, etc… I subscribed on YouTube… I’m definitely not used to hearing singers actually sing about gay romantic stuff…big adjustment. But, uh…pretty amazing and ballsy on his part. Way to go :)

  32. my2cents says

    something tells me this scenario isn’t over… but, unrequited bromance or not, its a welcome change to the musical landscape. in a (more) perfect world, it could be a country hit.

  33. JONES says

    ‘gonna wrestle you outta your clothes’
    Been waiting all my life to hear that line.

    That boy sure knows how to work a plain white T.

  34. John says

    Very nice. He certainly could become mainstream. He’s very cute and the song had a nice, pop-rock sound. What I enjoyed most was that it was not just about getting laid. (Though I love ya, Johnny McGovern)
    This song had a touch of romance. Yeah, it was a bit sad, but what gay man hasn’t been there? Weather you either tried to go there with him or it was always unrequited and unanswered. Especially if you live in a small town or city. Frankly I have been there more than I care to admit. Gay men don’t always get the guy. Especially where there are so few gay or even bi-curious men to choose from. It was also cool that his friend seemed to be not too offended…been there too. Though I have to say I rarely made the first move if I wasn’t sure.

  35. Brad says

    I liked the video and the song, but I find it unfortunate that alcohol appears so much and seems to be such a big part of the gay community. Cheers and Happy 4th of July.

  36. Michael says

    Hot. I think someone has seen that movie Curious Thing on Youtube! Just saying…seems too similar! Beautiful song though.

  37. bravo says

    @Brad – Alcohol does allow for a decrease in inhibitions. It would be nice if attitudes continue to evolve so that it were no longer needed for that purpose.

  38. DW says

    I thought it was charming, and the lack of a happy ending is no different from many bittersweet country songs. Kudos to this ballsy young fella for singing it like it is so early in his career!

  39. Mort says

    Most people seem to assume that the love-object is the classic “unobtainable straight guy.” Given the iconography (and the long history of gay pathos), that’s probably true. But let’s accept the possibility that even though our hero is phenomenally goodlooking, maybe the other guy just isn’t into him in that way, “orientation” notwithstanding.

    Unlikely, I know. But still possible. Even amazingly cute gay guys can’t always get what they want, even from other amazingly cute gay guys.

  40. John says

    You need to listen to the lyrics, understand the video and quit projecting what you want out of it… The artist has a certain message he wants to convey. It appears to be a story of unrequited love-we’ve all been exposed to something like this during our formative years. The generic story could have a guy falling for a girl OR another guy and the object of your affection says “look we’re friends but I don’t like you that way.” Even though it’s a sad ending, there’s no sense of disgust from said object. I think it’s a great song/video… Well done Mr. Grand.

  41. GregV says

    Woo-hoo! One dsy later and the video has 83254 views on Youtube!

    @Chuck Mielke: I agree with you that there is enough ambiguity to imagine various backstories to the characters.
    It is not necessarily about a “gay guy persuing an unobtainable straight guy.” It’s about one person wanting someone who’s not making himself romantically available right now for whatever reason.
    They could both be of any sexual orientation. The protagonist could as easily be bisexual and infatuated with a gay guy who’s not ready to come out (and that’s just one example).
    And if I assume the most obvious “he’s not into guys” interpretation, I love the fact that the object of his affection sets the (appropriate) example of “no big deal buddy; let it go; we’re friends.” (I remember a straight friend once telling me that he had a friend who said he loved him in “that way” and he told him not to ever even say hello to him again. I thought it was harsh and homophobic to react that way, and I wish he’d grown up seeing examples of better resolutions like this one.)

    I disagree with those wishing the ending had been “And they lived happily ever after.” This storyline is far more original.

  42. Neil says

    The “All-American Boy” is not necessarily an “unobtainable straight boy.” Maybe he is, but maybe he’s a bisexual guy that’s just not into our singer in that way, or maybe he’s gay but doesn’t want to be “out” to all his friends. You shouldn’t really make assumptions since the context of the song doesn’t dictate.

    @Frank: I don’t think that “All-American” has a connotation of “white” unless you want to interpret it that way. It’s a fact that probably at least half the U.S. population is white, but that doesn’t dictate that “American” = “white”. I haven’t run into that anywhere in gay circles online, but I’m in Canada, so maybe I don’t know. I hope that’s not just a reflection of your own insecurity.

  43. redball says

    No, Neil,

    It’s commonly understood in the States that “All-American” is just another way to say “white.”

    I had the same exact thought as Frank when I saw this video.

    The association between ‘all-American’ and ‘white’ is odious for probably a few reasons, not least of which is that TRUE Americans are the Native nations that were forced off their lands and to this day suffer great socioeconomic marginalization.

  44. says

    Left my straight guy behind many years ago, fell in love with an American……the best thing I’ve ever done.
    And though I rant and rail about politics there is always the sweetness of my adorable American……..
    Happy Fourth of July everyone, and all gay and straight friends.

  45. (another)Mark says

    “Unrequited love’s a bore
    “And I’ve got it pretty bad
    “But for someone you adore
    “It’s a pleasure to be sad”
    –Lorenz Hart (who knew a thing or two about such matters)

  46. bravo says

    Granted, “All-American” might refer to the “American ideal”, that is the masculine, demonstrative white boy. However, if there was a smokin’ hot Latino at that campfire, you know our hero would be all over it. And said Latino could well be an “All-American” boy. (Call me a racist, but I do add mental plus points to anyone who, demographically, might have a light increase in the chance of having a foreskin, whether Latino or European or Asian, etc.)

  47. Frank says

    @Neil. Nope, not a product of insecurity. Just something I observed while coming of age in American gay culture. Grew up in the mid-west in the 90’s and gay guys would say things like “I’m looking for an All-American type of guy”, and I promise you that the type of guy the had in mind nine times out of ten wasn’t African-American or Asian-American. It just the way things are over here. Not trying to rip on the song by any means. More power to Steve and I hope he finds success. It’s just that the gay community has a tendency to fawn over anything that features someone young, cute, and white. I seem to remember another song about unrequited love by Frank Ocean called “Bad Religion”. In the article written about it on this website there were maybe close to two pages of comments, and that’s even with the song being a hit in the mainstream music scene. This song however is almost on it’s fourth page of comments,a and half of them are about how hot the singer is.

  48. dixichuk says

    Been there, done that. He’s here this week, 30 years later with wife and kids. Still hot.

  49. andrew says

    Steve Grand is one of the most physically beautiful guys on the planet. I would even put him ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo and I rarely rate anyone higher than my Portuguese god Cristiano. Check out the pics of Steve Grand on Homorazzi: AWESOME!!!

  50. moi says

    The best way to enjoy this video is to watch the sad wistful story and then go over to Fratmen and watch that All American Boy make sweet sweet love to a dude who looks a lot like the singer in the video.

  51. Keith says

    Enjoyed the song and the story. YouTube now reporting over 350,000 views as of July 6th.
    Their bodies are smokin’ hot!

  52. Freddie says

    Every man has “fallen” for another man at one time in their life, but getting drunk and naked with that man is risky risky risky….Love the song!

  53. Seattle Mike says

    1,231,109 views as of July 12. If nothing else, this is fascinating to track as a social phenomenon. That and he’s really easy on the eyes. :-)