Andrew Garfield: ‘Why Can’t Spider-Man Be Gay?’


Andrew Garfield tells EW that he has had a discussion with the producers of Spider-Man about Peter Parker's sexuality:

"‘What if MJ is a dude?’ Why can’t we discover that Peter is exploring his sexuality?  It’s hardly even groundbreaking!…So why can’t he be gay? Why can’t he be into boys? … I’ve been obsessed with Michael B. Jordan since The Wire. He’s so charismatic and talented. It’d be even better—we’d have interracial bisexuality!”


  1. MateoM says

    He’s got a point. It would be nice to see a legitimate portrayal of bisexuality in film. A superhero that does not strictly adhere to the heteronormative story lines of past superhero tales would be a welcome breath of fresh air.

    Cue anti-bisexual trolls in 3…2…1…

  2. Ryan says

    I’m not sure if this would sell more or less tickets, but I can say one thing for certain…. for some hot Peter Parker and Flash Thompson action, as currently cast, I’d be going at least 3 times :)

    The new Harry Osborn, too, which would probably make more sense, story wise. (Honestly, that could be an awesome story — Peter Parker getting swept up with a cute and very cool — complete with dad’s science lab — Harry Osborn.)

  3. anon says

    The original character isn’t gay. Ticket sales would be way down, particularly overseas. You’d get political protests from the right. etc.

  4. parkrunner says

    @mateoM, I see your point. I also see Spiderman’s point. I wonder if he prewebs when excited.

  5. Reality Chek says

    I see the “gaying” of existing character the same way I view have black Steel Magnolia or black Annie….lazy. Can’t someone create an original black storyline (although I did enjoy the Wiz but only for MJ and Diana) or original gay character intersting enough to catch on in the mainstream?….this is just lazy and boring. Let’s go black Wonder Woman and asian Superman and gay Mr. T. originality is dead obviously.

  6. says


    2) HELLOOOOO Mr. Parker.

    3) I agree with David, Spiderman isn’t gay, just like how you aren’t straight and nobody should try to make you straight.

    Make a new gay superhero! It’s crazy easy, you just literally make any new hero gay.

  7. says

    How does anyone knows for sure Spider-man isn’t gay ? It is not all impossible. There are countless married men who are gay or ’turned gay’ .

  8. MateoM says

    But if you “gay,” or in this case “bisexual” an existing super hero, you have the potential to show many that their childhood heroes can be just as heroic and great without having to be straight to do it.

  9. Zlick says

    Yeah, the original Spider-Man isn’t gay. So What? This is the reboot that everyone makes fun of because it’s a reboot about a decade too soon and exists solely because it was the only way for Sony to retain the rights to Spider-Man.

    Now, I happened to like the first in this reboot series. But seriously, why not take a too-soon reboot and reboot it with something significantly new, instead of re-treading our well-worn friendly neighborhood Spider-Man ad infinitum? Let’s make him VERY friendly and make some interesting changes!!

  10. Belthazar says

    What is this need for purity in fictional (made-up) characters? I remember this same fury (by some) when a black actor played Heimdall in the Thor movie.

    If it was a “true life” movie it would be more understanding. But, it happens in movies without the label of “lazy or boring”. Interesting that you never hear this push-back for movies based in reality.

    In Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center about the rescue of the New York Port Authority police officers, ONE of the two rescuers (both marines) was black BUT he was played as a white character and by a white guy in the movie.

    Jake Gyllenhaal (sp?) played a very popular middle-eastern character (based on game) in a movie (can’t remember the name).

    But, God Forbid if Spider-Man is bisexual. That nevertheless doesn’t discount the possible marketing issues.

  11. Moz's says

    uhm because Mary Jane being a girl and Spidey and her being in love is long time fact of the story arc

    unlike say wolverine and hercules from an alternate earth were made lovers = neither had major love relationships as part of their character stories…spidey and mary jane are canonical

  12. Jaxxon says

    DAMN! I’m just happy to see what SpiderMan (Mr Garfield) is packing. Very Nice!!

  13. princely says

    Andrew has GREAT taste! I would love to see the narrow views/ideas of comic movie fans pushed or expanded. Y’all need a good push once in a while.

  14. Moz's says

    @ princely

    why not just create a new gay character and make them great

    have to agree with an upthread poster than not doing so and instead making a long time straight character gay is just lazy

  15. Ryan says

    Moz — everyone needs a rebound. Once Gwen gets the ax (you know it’s going to happen in this movie) why not let Spider-Man do a little “experimenting?” There’s even a word for that in the LGBT community — straight, but “curious.”

    They could even just tease it — and girls would eat that stuff up, which is a huge part of the audience going to see these new Spider-Man movies anyway.

    I’m not saying Sony should do it, just saying that with great care put into the story, it really couldn’t hurt. It would certainly be one way to differentiate the two sets of Spider-Man movies!

  16. Joel V says

    “I see the “gaying” of existing character the same way I view have black Steel Magnolia or black Annie….lazy. Can’t someone create an original black storyline-”

    @Reality Chek, There are gay superheros in comics already which could easily translate to the screen. One gay superhero story in particular I would love to see filmed is the late Perry Moore’s “Hero”. Highly recommend reading the novel if you haven’t already.

    I respectfully disagree with your assertation of “gayifying” established characters as lazy. As with anything if done right, it can add another dimension to an already well known commodity. I loved the Whitney/Brandy version of “Cinderella” for example, and would love a bisexual Spiderman. :-)

  17. says

    Few things.

    1) Cool idea. Never gonna happen.

    2) Nice package.

    3) Love that he gave props to Michael B. Jordan. Do not miss “Fruitvale Station”!

  18. Felix says

    Well, Hollywood loves to de-gay everything they take to the screen, so why would be unfair to do the opposite for a change….double standards much?

  19. Rob West says

    When I was a kid two superheroes were thought to be Gay, the Green Lantern and Spiderman. Spiderman because he lived at home and made his own costume. He never had a girl friend back then.

  20. Javier says

    I’m thinking Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker & Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern… they both have a bisexual one nighter after the Green Lantern comes to Spider Man’s rescue. I’m feeling Green Lantern as the top and Spidey as the bottom. Your thoughts?

  21. Nick says

    Because Peter Parker isn’t gay? That’s why.

    I think making established characters gay spits on them and us. If they really want to have a gay big name, mainstream character, make one. Don’t just take an already existing character and make them gay (ala Alan Scott).

    Or they could just make a Young Avengers movie and have Wiccan and Hulkling in it.

  22. Nick says

    DC also needs to get on a Batwoman movie, it’d help the fledgling sales of the book and make a bit of bank because it’s got “Bat” in the name.

    Give Batman a cameo, and you’ve got $150 mil right there.

  23. MickleSt says

    Great photo. Of course, we don’t know for sure if that’s Garfield in the costume. Could be a stunt double. Still… :)

  24. Kevin says

    It won’t happen. At least not for a long time, as they would alienate too many of the fans, which would cost ticket sales. But perhaps in the future, when we get past the current anti-gay folks.

  25. says

    Good to hear about the Tony day! I wish if my name was Tony but its not :( so i have already booked Spiderman the musical tickets from GoodSeatTickets!