1. UFFDA says

    Now that was something else. Something to make you grateful for many things every minute for the rest of your life. Thanks for such an awesome post.

  2. bructer says

    The fact that they had to make such a trip when he is as ill as he is, and at the expense is disgusting they should have been able to get married in their own home. Love wins out. Best of luck to them both.

  3. Caliban says

    That was awesome and incredibly touching.

    It’s also infuriating that even after 20 years they had to go all the way to another state, with all the associated expense and complications, just to get married.

  4. Joesph Foster says

    I hope the people in Ohio who voted for the marriage amendment are proud of themselves. They should each be required to watch this.

    –An Ohio resident.

  5. SC David says

    Profoundly moving, thank you Andy for posting this. Yes, a piece of paper matters. The accompanying essay in the Cincinnati Enquirer is worth reading, a ringing endorsement for gay marriage rights. I’ll leave it to Antonin Scalia and Maggie Gallagher and Thomas Peters to explain how they can hate such a thing so bitterly.

  6. Just A Dude says

    I honestly am one of those guys that doesn’t cry easy. Not by choice, just can’t.

    I just shed tears for the first time in 4 years.

    absolutely beautiful

  7. David Gellagos says

    It’s moments like this I am reminded how proud I am to be on the right side of history. Haters, you are just that—hate. Anyone who rejects the love displayed above is a sad, lost soul. This is humanity.

  8. LipstickDiva says

    I’m so proud of all the brave same sex couples who ace an adverse and sometimes ignorant world, yet forge on, proudly of their relationships and partner and make no apologies for who they love.

  9. Markus J. says

    I have a pretty powerful story to share based on this clip. I just sent this clip to me mom who I have had a rocky relationship with due to her resistance on accepting gay rights. I sent this clip to her and said “open your heart mom”…….she just responded a minute ago and said:

    “Thanks Markus, it’s things like this that make me want to reevaluate my position. This was truly touching. I mean it.”

    I’m SHOCKED my mom wrote this. See folks, our stories from the heart about our relationships DO make a difference.

    To this beautiful couple; if you read this, you just had a profound impact on my hardcore conservative mother and perhaps even repaired our relationship by opening your story to us. THANK YOU!

  10. USC Trojans Fan says

    Wow. Wow. It’s events like this that make me go to the trevor project, or to marriage equality projects and volunteer. I may not be rich, but I’m passionate about all people being treated as equals under the law of the land they pay taxes to.

    This is love, and yet this pure love is judged, shamed, shunned and treated as second class in so many places. That’s why we all as LGBT adults need to do our part to create a better tomorrow for LGBT youth.

  11. Kevin says

    For those scumbags against equal rights who claim POA and other contracts will give gay and lesbian couples all the protections of marriage,history has shown no they don’t.
    If nothing else,after death many times bigoted family members have come in and successfully challenged wills left by one spouse to his/her SSM partner as being too close to marriage and thus null and void.
    And far too often,the judges agree with them.

  12. Francis #1 says

    WOW WOW WOW. Overwhelming, amazing. Uplifting yet also you can’t help but be incredibly angry at the fact our relationships still aren’t recognized as fully equal and that John and Jim, with John being as ill as he is, are forced to travel to another state miles away simply to be able to marry, before John dies. A beautiful story of love but also representative of why this marriage fight is so important and how degrading it is that things like this continue to occur in a country that is supposedly land of the free with equal opportunity and justice for all.

  13. greenfuzz says

    I still feel the sting over that vote here in 2004. Hopefully we in Ohio will be able to wed soon. I would love to go to Cincy and give these guys a big hug.

  14. taxpayer says

    Proud of yourself, Maggie Gallagher?

    Proud of yourself, Brian Brown?

    Proud of yourself, Scalia and cronies?

    Proud of yourself, Ohio voters who forced this couple to have to take a plane ride to another state?

    And, yes, this is probably the most moving thing I’ve ever seen on Towleroad.

  15. RexT says

    Heartfelt congratulations to both John & Jim. Sharing their story with the world a bold and powerful step, demonstrating the strength which continues to carry us all forward.

  16. says

    I have cried a river at the joy of this story, and yes, marriage DOES make a difference. I married my partner of 35 years in July 2003 just days after it became legal in Toronto Canada, 2 years before he passed from cancer. He will be my husband for all eternity!

  17. dorishin says

    I have so much ALS history in my family, I have lost my only brother, father, and two uncles (such a hideous disease). I watched this beautiful and heartbreaking post thinking that instead of my big brother dying at 51, leaving behind his wife and three kids, this could certainly have been me. I am fortunate to be very healthy and so far ALS free, My partner and I live in NY state and have decided to get married after 16 years together now that DOMA has been stuck down. John and Jim’s beautiful love story makes me realize how lucky we all are to be living at this moment in history in America. Thank you Andy and staff for posting such a beautiful story. You touch more peoples lives than you think….

  18. darkorient says

    Good for them. He should be proud of being an American, even with the country’s shortcomings. After all, what is the chance of a gay Indonesian like me to be married in my lifetime? Congratulations, John & Jim!

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