1. says

    Imagine a pop song’s lyrics being “ultimately shallow and forgettable” … /rolleyes

    They still have a nice sound and great harmony, better than any of the newer acts calling themselves boy bands (even though practically none of the newer guys plays instruments or dances). And apparently now they have a whole new generation of self-appointed music critics (with or without any actual music credentials) to blast a pop group for doing what pop groups do. What exactly were you expecting?

  2. Paulie says

    It’s not exactly from left field, they’ve been vocal about their support for equality for a while now. They also took part in San Francisco’s Pride parade back in 2010.

  3. Matt26 says

    Catchy sugar pop melody, BUT I liked the video and the fact they wanted to make a point with a pop song and video! Well done.
    (I was fond of few of them when they were younger (so was I!), but not anymore. They look good, but my taste has changed.)

  4. says

    Absolutely AWESOME! I have loved the Backstreet Boys during their entire career! In fact, they’re coming to Tampa in a few weeks and a girlfriend and I are going to be partying like rock stars in the front row! Can’t wait–LOVE these guys and their ongoing support for equality!

  5. Rob in NYC says

    Yes this is a POP song but whether or not it’s ‘shallow’ or not depends on the viewer. I think overcoming great obstacles is a human experience and definitely one the LGBT community can relate to. Landing on the moon was a challenge, 9/11- a challenge, and marriage equality is a continuing challenge. I respect your critique of the song but I find it ‘shallow’ at best.

  6. alex says

    It’s a shame Christian Walters couldn’t take 2 minutes to do a little research before (incorrectly) labeling this as “coming in from left field”. As Paulie notes, their support of the gay community is not new.

  7. Derek says

    “…the lyrics which cover the theme of love conquering all adversity are ultimately shallow and forgettable.”

    Why are you giving your opinion? Andy would never write something like that because he (and YOU) are here to report the news and not voice your opinions. This is a news website, not an op-ed. You really don’t belong here.

  8. NealB says

    I probably wouldn’t have watched the video were it not for Walter’s critique of the song, and his comment about the lesbians at the end making him misty-eyed, too. Glad he said what he said and glad I watched. The long shot of her in slo-mo toward the screen of the wedding of the Prop-8 boys getting married was lovely, and the reflexive hand hold of the two women at the very end…. Nice.

  9. says

    Uh, perhaps it wasn’t the moon landing that was of significance, but what it represented? The United States and the Soviet Union were in a two-country race to get to space back then. Must everything be so spelled out?

  10. Markt says

    “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” quoted on the TV was a metaphor/analogy for the Proposition 8 case. It made sense to me.

  11. Ali says

    The Backstreet Boys have always been on our side. The idea that including a pro-gay marriage message in this video was done to get our money is nonsensical.

    If you need an example, look to Brian Littrell, who released a solo album of Christian music in 2010. He never wavered in his support of us, despite the fact that in doing so, he alienated a good portion of people who might have bought his album. He was even labeled as “America’s Biggest Christian Hypocrite” by some religious nutcase.

    The bio of the author of this article says he’s lived in the Bay Area since 2009. Shouldn’t he have known that the Backstreet Boys were Grand Marshalls of San Francisco Pride in 2010?

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