1. Matt says

    I agree, there’s blatant homophobia by two houseguests in particular that needs to be addressed as well. Glad former gay big brother houseguest ragan has mentioned it!

  2. C.C. says

    You inspired me to search this Zeta poster on this site under the search icon and I’d certainly say that’s a Grade A troll. Not a single pro gay comment they’ve made yet they say their ignorant remarks in subtle manners to not appear to blatantly anti gay. You look at Zeta’s writing collectively and she’s an intense homophobe.

  3. Princely says

    The BEST satisfaction we can all take away from this is that this horrible racist will NOT HAVE A JOB when she gets back to ‘real life’! Also, its fun to see her dig her grave even deeper since she has NO IDEA she’s been dropped by her modeling agency! HAHAHA! I may watch this dreadful show the episode she comes out of the house just to see her rotten face drop once she hears the news!!

  4. nn says

    I think they should have to have leaving the bb house. It is annoying that they get higher rating With People who are racist, homophobic comment. Shae on CBS too!

  5. says

    I’ve always been a Big Brother fan. I think it’s wonderful that they have these racist, homophobic asses in the house this year and that it’s becoming a major issue in the house, because their ignorance and mean-spiritedness will be put under a microscope and they are going to come out of it as total pariahs. If for nothing else, watching just to see when Aaryn finally gets kicked out of the house and has to face Asian Julie Chen for the interview, will be the most priceless moment of any season so far. Give her hell Julie! Hopefully she’ll also let her in on the news that she’s been dropped from her modeling agency live on camera and that she’d be best to just go crawl into a cave and die.

  6. SwitchLight says

    I honestly don’t like how she’s being scapegoat as the only one making bigoted comments. Nearly half of them have said AWFUL things about gays, jews, Asians, yet this is the only girl called out. Pathetic.

  7. ratbastard says

    Congratulations BB producers: I think you got what you’re looking for $$$$$$$$$

    This show is obviously deliberately trolling. They make $ off of the ‘edgy’ drama, and can still claim they opened a ‘dialog’ on racism and homophobia.

  8. ratbastard says

    And why do so many women, young and old, dye their God d*mn hair blond? Why? When I see a women when dyed blond hair, big sunglasses, big shopping bags, and a dark tan, I automatically assume she’s a b*tch. Just from personal life experiences.

  9. ratbastard says

    The stereotypes are hysterically lame. The ‘racist’ b*tch has bond hair and blue eyes. The ‘homophobic’ b*tches are correspondingly racist. C’mon, people. Central casting at work.

  10. ceejay says

    I agree with others that it’s odd she’s being made the poster child of ignorance this season, when some 8 houseguests have made ugly comments about many different segments of the population. Big Brother, you’re not about exposing them too? why not?

  11. Waynesf says

    @ceejay and others… from what I understand, they’re not “exposing” the others because their bigotry has not been an issue in the house. Aaryn has upset the most people in the house and the houseguests are making it an issue internally – therefore it’s become part of the “story”.

    That’s the stated reason it’s being shown on the broadcast shows. Not that i necessarily agree, but that’s CBS’s official stance.

  12. Harrison says

    Glad to see that BB USA has caught up to BB UK, which featured three contestants (well, “celebrities” in this case, as it was a Celebrity edition) spending a good portion of their time on the show mercilessly mocking the Bollywood actress they were playing against!

  13. Primobabe says

    To every blogger and message-poster out there: It’s time to change Aaryn’s name to Aryan. Let’s all get on board with this. Let’s make it her permanent name, to haunt her for years after “Big Brother 15.”

  14. Audi-owner says

    @ Ratbastard: Obviously this struck a nerve with you! GOOD! Maybe whites like you will finally stop and think about what and who you are before you go walking around with your ill-imagined sense of superiority for being white! As I’ve said to people like you in the past,if the biggest accomplishment in your life is being white,then you have a HUGE problem. Fix it or prepare for a rude awakening!

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