1. MickleSt says

    I never made it through the first season of this show and I can’t believe it’s still popular. Just another one of those “reality” shows which is rigged to bring out the worst in everyone. Just don’t get it. I’d rather swallow a handful of needles.

  2. Erma says

    This is very disturbing. Very sad that these young people are so filled with such ugliness. The racist, homophobic, sexist and intolerant comments are mind blowing! I have a feeling they are going to be in for a wide awakening when they leave the BB house!

  3. northalabama says

    whew! glad i know that bigotry has been overcome in america, or i might have gotten the wrong impression.

    thank goodness faux news is around to make us realize the real victims of hate are rich, white, straight, christian men.

    seriously, the shocker here is these bigots know they are being recorded 24/7, streamed live online, and archived for reference, but they still feel comfortable behaving this way – it just comes naturally. what disgusting people.

  4. Jonna the Woodswoman says

    Who cares? That show is so stupid only morons watch it. Why would anyone be surprised? The guy pictured looks like Bear week at Provincetown.

  5. Nigel says

    Wow, how awful! This must be great entertainment for members of the KKK. All I can think of doing is informing the advertisers that this show reflects poorly on the products and services they are trying to sell and that I will not buy their products because of their association with this show.

  6. will says

    Andy, I am just testing your censor here. Can I say the word f*g (since I am a gay man)? In a “hey, bitches” kind of way. Hey, f*gs! On the other BB thread, somebody said “f*g”, like queer, had been reclaimed, and is okay to use now BUT ONLY BY GAY PEOPLE WITH A POSITIVE INFLECTION IN THEIR VOCAL TONE.

  7. Betty Treacle says

    I’m coming out as a “moron” because I’ve watched every episode of Big Brother (I’m dictating this to my carer because I’m too illiterate to type).

    This has happened in previous years and the neck-in-the-sand response from CBS is actually what’s most shocking about the whole thing. The racism, sexism and homophobia from mostly young, poorly educated people – depressing, but expected. I would have hoped CBS would handle it better.

    Either – the producers should improve the screening process, so bigots don’t get the chance to be on the show and air their ignorance on the livefeeds…. or the producers should incorporate the bigotry into the actual tv programs, to instigate a debate in America regarding the everyday abuse that non-straight white people have to put up with. Particularly as this year we’re supposed to vote for the “best player” who gets a special advantage in the game – how can we do that if certain players are alienating others due to their intolerance, and we’re not being shown it.

    But that’s just a moron’s point of view. And I guess as nobody clever is watching, it’s not that important. After all, morons don’t go on to physically assault anyone. Oh… wait.

  8. Chuck Mielke says

    This clip illustrates something I take for granted: the first things children learn are the prejudices of their society; such prejudices remain strong until sufficient life experience has contradicted them. Until then, individuals use those prejudices to validate their positions within society. This group is obviously in the initial stages of organizing, choosing up sides, deciding on the hierarchies they’ll use later. Ugliness? Yes. But probably also a fair representation of the situation in our country at large, right down to the hushed use of pejoratives and the embarrassed use of bigotry. I’ll bet the later episodes show these attitudes submerged but active as sub-groups interact to determine who gets kicked out or not.

  9. northalabama says

    @betty treacle, cbs started the process of airing some of the offensive comments last night, but they fell short imho, focusing on aaryn. i suspect production is trying to paint her as this season’s villain.

    i know they have limited airtime, but by only focusing on aaryn, and ignoring ginamarie, spencer, jeremy, and kaitlin, the bigotry looks to be an isolated issue. this youtube video proves it isn’t.

  10. ChadSF says

    No real desire to watch this clip. Most the people that are on this show are pretty much attention whores who have nothing else better to do with their lives, other than to make themselves ‘popular’ by being ugly and hateful individuals.
    Also, not all reality shows are based on reality, so I question whether this is all or mostly scripted.

  11. Serenak8k says

    Thank you to you or whoever put together that “supercut” –it’s even worse than I had thought. What a gem Spencer is . . Also especially illuminating that Amanda was used by CBS to nobly chastise Aaryn’s comments, but seems to be pretty bad herself.

  12. tiko says

    What is really sad is that this is typical for reality TV. When people watch these shows over and over they become immune to what is and isn’t socially appropriate. My 12 year old niece picks up this stuff and thinks its funny and nothing is wrong. She has no idea. If a reality show doesn’t have several racial slurs/homophobic remarks and doesn’t have the word F@ck thrown in 20 times, there is something very wrong with it.

  13. Jim says

    How is it possible that people watch these repulsive, degraded, loathsome, vulgar wretches and think that it’s entertainment? Can their lives really be that empty?

  14. trg says

    Mind numbingly dull people. Incredibly boring talk. No actual conversations. None of them are physically attractive due to their lack of spirituality, sophistication, and refinement. (And I know car mechanics – not just wealthy people – who posses all of those qualities wonderfully.)

    If I had to be locked up with those losers I’d have to either shoot myself or shoot them.

    Some of the language is harsh and ugly – the kind I’d expect the “bad” kids in high school would use. And how old are these people?

    But honestly, most of the language here doesn’t offend me much. And some of the excerpts are so innocuous I think some of us need to step back a bit. If we don’t, we’ll weaken the outrage over what is really is offensive here.

    I hope this becomes a teachable moment for them. They’ve got something coming, and perhaps it’s a teachable moment for all of us. I’ve said b!tch (my mother vociferously objects – maybe she’s right.)

    But, at least in my world, using F@g is never ok, and always offensive. I don’t live in a city, but unlike the above poster’s experience, we here have NOT reclaimed the word. There’s no need to use it, unless you want to express your internalized homophobia, immaturity, insecurity and hate.

  15. Liam says

    I watch Big Brother every season. While there have been occasional homophobic or racist remarks in the past, they were brief and not repeated. This year, it seems to be constant and unrepentant. It is really astounding how casually this sort of language is tossed around by this group of houseguests. There has been a reaction in the house. Right now no one has confronted anyone, mainly because of the power structure this week. I predict it will be addressed after this week in the house. Big Brother is not for everyone but it is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me.

  16. emjayay says

    trg: Exactly. But no, not gonna be a teachable moment. The only thing these people might learn is to not say stuff like this when they are miked.

    What is offensive to me is the ignorance of these people, not the words. It’s about lack of culture, not education. I’ve heard (translated of course, in a documentary) respectful insightful intelligent talk from illiterate people living in mud huts in Africa.

  17. cyninbend says

    The point is that this season has sunk to a new low, people have stopped watching, and those who have stuck around are trying to get CBS to address the issue, rather than edit these characters to seem like smart, nice, hardworking, friendly people. Don’t use the power of television to create a fan base for such vile hateful horrid people. The shock began the first night when the feeds came up after the west coast airing of the premier. We fans tune in every year and spend the summer discussing the houseguests–their strategies, what happens to them under the stress of living in a game 24/7, and being entertained. We grow to like some, and dislike others–esp as the pressure builds, or they get power over others. But this is not fun. It hurts to watch that little Aryan Nation say such things about a successful, intelligent 37 yr old mom with a great career and marriage–the only thing she could use as ammo was to rile up racism among the other cast members. All the white people who might have spoken up to stop it, without igniting those racist attacks on to themselves, instead joined in on the slurring. Even the gay guy joined in talking about how he was certain America must hate the Asian woman! While this is not entertainment, it has value as a mirror on contemporary American society, esp the South, or Texas and Oklahoma…. But please understand, viewers of BB did not join this viewership to watch this–we joined for fun, cheering on our favorites, staying up all night chatting with friends, year after year, as we watch them work their way into winning the money….not see who can say the most vile things…

  18. Brett says

    How is it possible that these people are able to say all of this and the show is still on the air?? After everything that has come along with Paula Deen using the “N” word etc… She has lost here show, her endorsements and potential future earnings/appearances. Does CBS figure that this makes for good t.v. I have been a fan of the show since it debuted but, this just makes me wonder what the hell has young america become. Do these few people figure that this is the way to behave?? This has become the end of the road for this show for me and I hope that CBS will take a closer look at how people act!!!

  19. Kevin says

    …and the video is gone. Despite the fact that a supercut like that illustrates something and is probably allowed by copyright law, CBS has chosen to suppress the video instead. Typical.

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