‘Big Brother’ Houseguests Fired After Using Racist, Homophobic Slurs: VIDEO

Sadly, the hateful comments have not been isolated to just these two Houseguests. Many of the 16 member cast already have a long list of terrible things they've said in the house, ranging from casual use of the n-word to one contestant calling openly gay houseguest Andy a "fag" to his face. The offensive comments became so frequent in the house that producers were forced to make a rare announcement over the house PA system warning contestants not to use slurs against other housemates. CBS also issued a statement of their own saying "At times, the Houseguests reveal prejudices and other beliefs that we do not condone. We certainly find the statements made by several of the Houseguests on the live Internet feed to be offensive."

Unfortunately, the various comments and conversations were edited out of CBS' broadcast, leading gay former Big Brother contestant Ragan Fox (a personal favorite of mine) to post an open letter to the producers, urging them to air the comments so that viewers can see the "racism, ethnic discrimination, and homophobia that these people encounter in the house."



  1. Bear Aspirin says

    In the UK-BB the producers would not only call out the contestants when slurs were used but they would air the comments for the public to see.

    And how pathetic that these people won’t even find out until AFTER they get booted off the show that they’ve been fired.

  2. Moz's says

    they should have aired the conversations and allow their viewers to rise to the occasion and vote them out

    do not watch the show & assume viewers get to call in and vote people out

  3. DannyEastVillage says

    i have no idea what “show” this is, but the words of these two tramps is nauseating.

  4. bobbyjoe says

    Big Brother USED to be fun a long time ago, and it was one of the first American reality game shows to regularly feature a gay contestant each season (including a certain future gay porn star). But the headline here is a little deceptive as, at first glance, it sounds like she has been fired from the show Big Brother. But NONE of the at least three contestants who have been running around frequently making blatantly racist, homophobic, misogynistic, and anti-Semitic statements (so many if I started to list them it’d take several paragraphs) has been kicked off– or even punished– by the show.

    CBS and Big Brother won’t even acknowledge that they’re making these statements on the actual broadcast (even though BB routinely shows bad behaviors of other sorts to make the audience love or hate contestants, bigotry is swept under the rug). Since these bigoted comments are all over the internet now– being featured on big mainstream sites like CNN, Entertainment Weekly, NBC, and People, pretty much everyone and their grandma knows that the BB house is full of racist homophobes this season; but instead of seeing them pay the price for their bigotry (in a time when Paula Deen was fired for comments she made 30 years ago) CBS and Big Brother are showing these bigots being REWARDED by the show. And the bigotry continues on the live feed. These folks have a chance to win $500,000. (Yes, you can literally win half a million dollars on this stupid show)

    Even if you think BB is just a big dumb reality show (which it is), it’s worth writing their advertisers to complain about this, because CBS, through inaction, is not only passively supporting bigotry, but is allowing the perception that they’ll allow bigots who often sound like a bunch of neo-Nazis to even triumph. This is a seriously awful and irresponsible message to put out there from a network that could easily take action to stop this.

    HUGE SPOILER ALERT (don’t read this next part if you don’t want to know something big about BB next week) Spoiler websites report that Aaryn, the woman mentioned in this article who (among other things) has made a number of racists comments about Asians, won Head of Household for next week, which means she can’t be eliminated and gets to choose who goes up for elimination. Surprise, surprise, one of the people she put up is the Asian contestant. So CBS and Big Brother are broadcasting a show where a huge racist gets to put up the very minority she’s attacked to eliminate them from the show. With no consequence from CBS or Big Brother. Think about that for a second. CBS apparently wants to become “the official network of the Ku Klux Klan.” Maybe they should be renamed KKKBS?

  5. MaddM@ says

    a well thought out level headed reply? Are you sure you are on the right website 😉

    It’s nice their employers are at least trying to distance themselves from this type of behavior while CBS is as expected trying to milk it for the most $$ possible (bigots spend money too). This will likely spark cries of “what about freedom of speech,” forgetting that the US constitution refers to governmental suppression of speech, not freeing people from consequences of being horrible morally bankrupt assholes.

  6. daws says

    I watched Big Brother when it was the new hot reality show but lord did it become super trashy and nasty. Kudos to the people responsible for picking the contestants. I’m sure their orders were to get the lowest of low. Leave no dumpster unturned.

  7. Kevin says

    I agree that this should be aired. Normally I wouldn’t want this to be aired, but since we are voting for MVP and CBS isn’t sending these racist homophobes out, we need to make sure they get out. I’m sure the victims of these slurs would want to vote out the monsters anyway. I never liked Aaryn to begin with. Drinking everyone’s wine and getting mad that people were upset about it. I feel like the houseguests will get mad at them and raise drama about this anyway. Just give it some time!

  8. 604Brian says

    I have watched this show and have the live feeds. I have read that CBS does not want to air the ‘hateful’ rants from the live feeds during their tv broadcasts. In a distant past season when they had aired one of the contestants spewing hate about Jewish people, the advertisers pulled from the show.
    I think Big Brother should air the comments. But be responsible, give warnings prior to the show and during the live televised broadcast, have Julie Chen discuss the ramifications that these players are facing in real life when they choose to make bigoted and hateful remarks. Julie is of Asian decent and I am sure she is not happy with the comments being made in the house.

    The people in the house are just a cross section of some people in the real world. And by showing how UGLY the comments are and how HIDEOUS these people become when they talk, it might help educate others.

    Big Brother has always included a member or two each season from the LBGT, and for that this show has been very helpful in bringing members of our community to the public’s eye.
    Ultimately, this show is about creating a story of these people playing a game. But BB should do the right thing and let viewers know how truly vile some of them truly are.

  9. northalabama says

    cbs and endemol allow bigotry to be edited out of the final cut (in the name of advertisers?), but consistently show greed, lying, arguments, and fights. why? it seems the producers are making a decision that certain bad behaviors are “more acceptable” than others, and should be hidden from viewers.

    it’s a sad statement on the decision making process of both the producers and the network.

  10. Michael says

    Big Brother has always portrayed the gay guy as very flamboyant, unattractive and as least threatening as possible while having 99% of the straight contestants buff and beautiful.

    I maybe watched the first season and, for some reason, started watching this season and the drama unfolding, and fallout from CBS’s inaction, is more entertaining than anything I could have expected.

  11. e.c. says

    Ironically, both girls are convinced they they are well-liked and popular with the audience and will have lots of opportunities once they leave the house.

  12. Pete N SFO says

    I’m actually kind of shocked that this kind of racism really does still exist. I know it’s silly- but it almost seems like it’s getting worse rather than better in the US.

    Last night an acquaintance used the term, “sand-monkey” (which I’m sure was his choice for polite company, but which would have been sand-n*gger among his own).

    It took me a second to realize what just happened and then I just walked out.

  13. Munro says

    It must be seriously nice to be a blonde straight white girl. Seems that way. Say whatever, do whatever, heaven help whoever tries to correct your shlt.

  14. Alan says

    Hateful things to say, but what exactly is the rational for dismissal? They didn’t do this on the job, or to/about their coworkers. Presumably they’re on some sort of leave from those jobs while they’re doing a “reality” show.

    @TomTallis – you’re probably more on target. :-)

  15. David Hearne says

    Pete N SFO –

    Yeah, he shoulda called him a creepy assed retarded cracker.

  16. David Hearne says

    Why does candor drive liberals crazy? Isn’t it better to know what people are actually thinking?

  17. UFFDA says

    When it’s coming from sleeze to start with racist, mysogynistic remarks, gay bashing and other bottom feeder amusements can be funny. Candor indeed does drive liberals crazy, they always prefer a multi-syllabic mouth full of mush to plain talk. It’s part of their anal prissiness.

  18. Marc says

    I watched live feeds and there are 4 houseguest who are displaying constant despicable behavior. Who says
    “what gay color did I get jewed with”? Do these 4 houseguest families belong to some kind of hate group? Is that who they represent? They hate even white houseguest who are not like them and verbally attack their young children who are at home. Then there is the one who degrades women every other conversation like they are dogs. I quit watching and do not intend to watch BB’s new houseguest they hired this season.

  19. Zeta says

    It must be seriously nice to be a blonde straight white girl. Seems that way. Say whatever, do whatever, heaven help whoever tries to correct your shlt.

    Posted by: Munro | Jul 6, 2013 8:38:03 PM

    Nutshell, you’ve cracked.

    DavidHearne, it’s not really candor if you’re being edited, is it?

  20. Zeta says

    Munroe, that was meant to say ‘nutshell, you’ve cracked it’. Damn it. Anyway, I found your post to be the truth.

  21. Dominican Man says

    @Pete in SFO – Don’t be. This exists everywhere. I live in Los Angeles and I get called racially derogatory names by Hispanics who barely speak English. They don’t realize that I know Spanish. I constantly hear them be verbally abusive to pretty much anyone they view as non-Hispanic/White. Also, in West Hollywood, many Hispanic/White gay men make remarks toward Black patrons such as “go to your own bar”. Why this isn’t reported is beyond me. So lets not think this is just “Straights” being offensive towards gays. Gays are equally discriminating towards each other in certain areas.

  22. Starter Trek says

    First off, none of those women are of true Aryan heritage. So don’t blame anything on Aryan arrogance. They are anything but Aryans. I have no idea what they are, possibly Italian or some other racial mix.

  23. John C. says

    Why are people acting so surprised? I swear some people today live in this naive little bubble, thinking that no one is a bigot anymore and then gasps themselves into an asthma attack when reality proves otherwise. These contestants aren’t actors with agents who’ve trained them to present a faux-PC image of themselves. These are 15 commoners plucked from every day life who won the lottery and got to be on TV as a result. Some form of bigotry and general rudeness are likely to happen.

  24. Donnie Wright says

    I’ believe there are alternates to choose from. My opinion, remove these racist people and put someone in there who deserves a chance to play.

  25. Tanya says

    I use to watch big brother religiously until I saw the episode in reference. I am disgusted that the two individuals have not been removed from the show. I will NOT watch another episode!

  26. ah says

    Don’t understand why everyone is bagging CBS. This is a reality show after all. The reality IS there is racism and homophobia all around us. Have you had your heads in the sand? There is no reason to air this nonsense and give these people more validation and extend their 15 minutes but it looks like that’s what’s happened. Bad publicity is better than no publicity and she will be a guest on many a talk show at the very least! At any rate get a grip people. If you’re sensibilities are that fragile don’t watch tv at all. The fallout should land solely on the ignorant people making these comments. Also the name is Big Brother so in the context of the term the goal is to catch and nip in the bud the anarchists anyway right. Everything I said may not be correct so feel free to correct me. Love you Helen, Howie, Candace and Andy!

  27. says

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