1. Tom in SF Bay Area says

    Gee, Luke, you’re just a little ray of sunshine! 😉 Actually, I am forever impressed with the talents of DJ’s to put these kind of mixes together. Thanks DJ Earworm.

  2. says

    Love Dj Earworm! Try the Cut the Crap playlist if you want some more of this kind of music. Earworm is a bit more pure than the CTC stuff, Earworm usually just uses 2-3 songs.

  3. William says

    Summer 2013 is only a couple of weeks old! I would have waited. Who knows what gems are about to strike our ears in the next couple of months…..

  4. bravo says

    I’m confused – do they all sing
    1) in the same key
    2) in the same rhythm

    If not, then I am even more confused.

    How do you merge these songs together if they are not in the same key and the same beat? Hundreds of Act I Finales would love to know!

  5. Drew says

    So yeah, as I learned from that new film Pitch Perfect (songs of which somehow have just rocketed on iTunes), the wavelength/key of songs “SHOULD” match for a good mash-up. However, these are some fun songs and DJ spliced quite a few up into some sort of audio/video collage. It worked for me, but only because the visual was there. I couldn’t listen to this in the car, but love it on YouTube.

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