Family Research Council Heralds’ ‘Ex-Gay Pride Month’ with Launch of Two New Hate Organizations


Hate group Family Research Council is planning a dinner and reception to announce two new 'ex-gay' rights organizations and a line-up of familiar anti-gay wingnuts has been invited to speak, the HuffPost reports:

The event is scheduled for the end of July, just weeks after the Supreme Court's landmark rulings in favor of gay rights. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) has been extended an invitation as an honorable attendee.

The Family Research Council's legislative affiliate, FRC Action, will officially launch two new ex-gay rights organizations, Voice of the Voiceless and Equality and Justice For All, during the dinner in Washington, D.C., on July 31.

"Come celebrate the lives of former homosexuals and hear about their unique stories and achievements!" reads the invitation.

In addition to Bachman, the Heritage Foundation's Jim DeMint, the Liberty Counsel's Matthew Staver and Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.) — who on Friday introduced a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage — have all been invited to speak.


  1. says

    a lovely time indeed, celebrating family and friends that choose hate over love and understanding.


    will Rick Warren make an appearance championing his son who, through death i suppose, could be considered an “ex-gay”?

    anyone and everyone who attends this can be happy knowing they’ve cemented their place, in digitally-recorded history, as embarrassments to human dignity.

  2. Mary says

    Gurl please! You KNOW this gathering will be nothing more than a cruising and pick-up event for these closeted gays!

    Did you notice on the invitation that Michele Bachmann is invited as a speaker? I bet miss Marcus can’t wait to go and mingle will all the “ex-gays”! This is so rich it has to be fattening! lol!

  3. doug says

    um. They advertise unconfirmed “invited” speakers? And people are going to pay money? Wow, why don’t they just call it self-hating idiot night?

  4. Walt NYC says

    So, they basically have 3 confirmed guest speakers for an event that takes place less than a month from now. So sad. Maybe Alan Chambers and John Paulk are available.

  5. Geoff says

    Lying liars who lie eternally! I wonder if Miss Marcus will de-louse her moo-moo-moo for the event. The clutch and matching espadrilles are just too clever to leave in the walk-in…(or is that a sashay-in?)

  6. Hey Darlin' says

    It’s interesting just how far people will go for publicity and money. I don’t think anyone cares what any of this group has to say beyond the people monitoring them and themselves. They are self perpetuating money collectors and that’s about it. They are generating “scandal” and sensationalizing themselves for the sole purpose of media attention and making money. If all gay people became ex-gay they would cease to exist, and they are very aware of that.

  7. e.c. says

    I’m sorry, an “ex-gay” rights organization? If you’re ex-gay then you’re straight. What “rights” do ex-gays (straights) need exactly?

  8. Jesse says

    “First Annual”?!??! That alone is a sin and they should all give themselves 50 lashes. It’s the inaugural. Perhaps the first. Likely the last. But not first ANNUAL. Grrrr.

  9. Mike in Houston says

    I’m just trying to understand how an “ex-gay” person is being oppressed by teh gays…

    They’ve basically gone back into the closet, changed their behavior and pretend to really, really, no reallly like girls now, and assert their “heterosexual” privilege (they can marry a woman in all 50 states).

    About all we do is point out that they’re still totally gay — and miserable (to use Alec Baldwin’s phraseology) toxic queens for continually trying to undermine everyone else’s civil rights… and somehow, THEY need two new civil rights organizations? WTF

  10. I learn something new everyday says

    So, the way you make an ex-gay is to remove the vocal chords? Who knew? I would have thought the removal was lower down on the anatomy, but maybe those are gone too.

  11. Caliban says

    @JackFknTwist, it would be hilarious to have an “ex-straight” convention at the same place and time. I think that would get better attendance than the “ex-gay” one, since there are many gay men who identified as straight before coming out.

    One big difference though is that when someone who identified as straight comes out they rarely have either rage or self-righteousness against straight people that the “ex-gays” do against gays. It really is a mystery why anyone who has been “cured” of their homosexuality continues to identify as “ex-gay” instead of just being straight and going about their business.

    Oh. That’s right. They’re just pawns in a political game being played by the Religious Right. And WTF is up with listing people who have been invited but apparently haven’t confirmed on the invitation? I’ll really have to give that a try at my next party: send invites to Chris Evans, Tom Hardy, & Henry Cavill, then list their name on the invite as if they’ll actually BE there. GENIUS!

    I suspect this event would be a trip to attend, if you have a taste for dark comedy and desperation. The only utensils at dinner will be plastic sporks since letting ex-gays have sharp objects isn’t a good idea. BYOKleenex.

  12. Sammy says

    So, you’re basically pretending to now be that which you aren’t, because if you were that, you wouldn’t identify with that which you claim to no longer be. Then you complain that you have no voice. The mind reels.

  13. wayne says

    Um….what am I missing???? An “Ex-GAY” is by definition now a heterosexual. Thereby, he already possesses all the societal and constitutional rights and needs no further recognition, but Bachmann will travel anywhere for chopped liver and rubber chicken….if it’s free!!!

  14. jamal49 says

    Listen, guys, SCOTUS’ ruling on DOMA was not the end of this. The decision was just vague enough to give our enemies new strategies to try and take our civil rights away. They will not stop. They hate us. They despise us. They will pull sh*t like this to annoy us, to bait us, to make themselves look like victims of those mean, intolerant homosexuals. This is a set-up and a trap. Repeat: evangelicals will stop at NOTHING to eventually oppress us into oblivion. Educate yourselves. Read RightWingWatch, etc., any site that focuses on these verifiable hate groups. Your life, your freedom may depend upon it.

  15. millerbeach says

    Wow, what a bunch of hateful, insecure nuts. Perhaps they should consider a parade? It works quite well for us, as we have them all over the nation, all over the world. How many sittings will they need for this dinner of hate? Wow…hating in the name of Jesus…that’s a new one.

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